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Bebe's Kids: the first animated movie starring a black cast. Also? Robots.

By Dany Roth
bebes kids

Robin Harris was one of the biggest stand up comics before his untimely demise in 1990. And one of his most well-known routines about a group of kids was headed to be a feature length film right before he passed. But the power of animation meant that story stayed alive to become the animated film, Bebe's Kids.

You might not know it, but even though it came out in 1992, Bebe's Kids is the first animated film to feature a majority black cast and be based off of a black comedian's stand up. That's a long time to wait. Prior to that the closest thing we got was the work of Ralph Bakshi.

Bebe's Kids has been forgotten by many, but, at the time of its release, was a revelation. Playing on the classic trope of a Disney-esque trip gone awry, Bebe's Kids is the story of some young kids getting into trouble at an amusement park. There's evil security guards, there's robots, there's songs about freedom: it's a big damn movie. Mostly, though, it's a story about a poor, black family just trying to take parr in the same fun their middle class suburban white counterparts get to.

The Rap Critic, Daren Jackson, joins Every Day Animaition to talk about his personal connection to Bebe's Kids and why it's a genuinely important film. We're calling this episode #JusticeForBebesKids. Get the hashtag going. Watch the movie. Listen to the podcast. Help us bring this classic back to the forefront of people's memories.

And if you're still watching along, get really excited for the next episode where we'll be talking about another forgotten classic: the Batman Beyond spin-off, The Zeta Project. Writer of the new comic, Queen of Bad Dreams, Danny Lore, will be talking about all things killer-robot-turned-good. So get in your Short Circuit feelings and we'll see you right back here tomorrow.

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