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Face the Music makes a righteous casting move: Bill & Ted are officially dads

By Benjamin Bullard
Bill and Ted in Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

After years of wondering whether Wyld Stallyns would ever get to set foot on their time-traveling stage once more, the future at last looks excellent again. Ahead of the long-awaited release of Bill & Ted Face the Music next summer, a big new casting move confirms early reports that these dudes are now dad-dudes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine have signed on to play the next-gen bearers of the proud Bill & Ted legacy. Weaving (The Babysitter) will reportedly play Ted’s daughter, while Lundy-Paine (Atypical) will play Bill’s daughter.

The now totally adult Bill (Keanu Reeves) and Ted (Alex Winter) reportedly will need their kids’ help this time out as they tackle a new history-hopping adventure — after making it all the way to the bogus realm of living as grown-ups with real-world responsibilities.

Samara Weaving
Brigette Lundy Paine

In the bargain, they’ll probably forge some totally tubular family unity. Via Deadline, Face the Music reportedly will find the now middle-aged guys owning up to the fact that they never fulfilled their teenage mission to save rock & roll (and, by implication, the whole universe). So naturally, all four of them — two dads and two daughters — set out on a journey to jump through time, mining history’s greatest minds to find the inspiration Wyld Stallyns will need to come up with the perfect song, one that’ll bring humanity together.

It sounds as though Weaving and Lundy-Paine struck a righteous chord with producer Scott Kroopf, who reportedly said that casting the pair was a no-brainer after seeing them effortlessly fall into the chill Bill & Ted vibe. “When we saw Samara and Brigette together, it was like deja vu,” he explained. “It was exactly the way we felt when we first saw Keanu and Alex. We are so thrilled to have this funny and unique pair join the Bill and Ted team!”

Directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest), Bill & Ted Face the Music is shooting this month so the finished movie will be ready to time-travel to theaters starting Aug. 21 of 2020.

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