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SYFY WIRE Bill & Ted Face the Music

WIRE Buzz: Bill & Ted revisit Death; new Purge nabs director; CBS All Access video game doc

By Jacob Oller
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Today’s WIRE Buzz features a few old favorites back from the dead (or ready to cause some more dead people) along with some upcoming genre goodness that’ll be new to the screen.

First off, however, is a movie a long time in the making. Bill and Ted have been avoiding getting back together for too long, and now it’s finally time for the iconic duo of Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter to Face the Music. But they won’t be the only ones returning to the time-traveling series. In fact, William Sadler — a prolific actor known, among other things, for his portrayal of Death in the franchise — is coming back. You couldn’t get rid of Death, right?

Sadler updated his profile picture on Twitter with the first image of the character from the new film, which will deal with the aging heroes and, presumably, their closer relationship with Death. Check it out:

Bald, pale, and beautiful. It only makes sense that a similar-looking actor, Anthony Carrigan, will be playing the film’s villain. Bill & Ted Face the Music on Aug. 21, 2020.

Next is another series preoccupied with death: The Purge. The dystopian franchise about a law-free period each year when crimes (like murder) are legal is getting a new entry — and now it has a director.

With a TV series entering into a second season and the films as strong as ever, horror fans simply can’t get enough of The Purge. So it makes sense that The Purge 5 is in the works with Everardo Gout, according to Variety. The director recently filmed episodes of Nat Geo’s Mars, and is branching out from the scientifically interplanetary to the deeply disturbed terra firma.

So far simply known as Purge 5, the next film will still be written by franchise creator James DeMonaco and hit theaters on July 10, 2020.

Finally, something new. Or, at least, an adaptation. Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle That Defined a Generation, the 2014 Blake J. Harris book getting a series from CBS All Access, will also see the streaming service produce a feature-length documentary over the same material.

According to Deadline, this will be the service’s first foray into the doc business, and will be directed by Harris himself alongside Jonah Tulis. It’s also got the heavy-hitting production team of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg behind it — the same people helping get the story of the Genesis, Dreamcast, and juggernaut N64 its own fiction adaptation on the same service.

No release date is yet set for the series or documentary.