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Bird Box star has come up with 'insane' sequel idea

By Don Kaye
Rosa Salazar

One of the cast members of Bird Box whose fate was left uncertain has devised a new storyline in case a sequel happens.

**SPOILER WARNING: If you have yet to watch the Netflix original post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box — and judging by the viewing numbers, a lot of you have seen it — then you might want to stop reading now and stream the movie before coming back to this article.**

If you've seen the film, then you know it ends on sort of a happy note: Sandra Bullock and her two children make it to an enclave where they are safe from "seeing" the invisible supernatural entities that have driven most of the rest of humanity into homicidal or suicidal rage.

But long before that happens, Bullock's character is holed up in a house with a group of other people — two of whom, a police trainee named Lucy (Rosa Salazar) and her new druggie boyfriend Felix (Machine Gun Kelly), secretly make off with the group's only car, their ultimate destiny left to the viewers' imaginations.

According to the Los Angeles Times, fans have been eager to know the fate of the two lovers, and Salazar told the newspaper that she and Kelly have already devised their pitch for a sequel that reveals it.

“We’re always scheming on how we’re going to do it,” the actress explained. “We have this dream of doing a sequel where we survived, and leaving was the best thing you could possibly do.”

Salazar has a theory that since the already insane are immune to the effects of the creatures, Lucy and Felix would come up with a plan to stay alive that involves putting themselves in a similar state: "Alcohol makes you temporarily insane; drugs make you temporarily insane. What if the whole movie these two were on acid, or mushrooms, and (survive) because they’ve altered their state of mind?”

She continued, “Then you have this story that’s True Romance meets Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, only it’s Fear and Loathing in Bird Box, and because they are so resourceful, this punk rock combo in love, they manage to make a life and survive."

Although facing the apocalypse while high as a kite might seem like a lovely prospect to some people, Salazar — who will next be seen in the title role of Alita: Battle Angel on Feb. 14 — figured that Lucy and Felix could only last "up to a certain point" before reality set in.

However, with tens of millions streaming Bird Box and the movie inspiring all kinds of memes — not to mention a dangerous challenge that Netflix discouraged viewers from attempting — a sequel wouldn't be out of the question, and the adventures of Lucy and Felix might be the place to start. Would you watch Bird Box 2 starring those crazy renegade kids?