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Black Friday: Great deals on Star Wars gifts, from toys to jewelry to Chia Pets

By Loryn Stone

Black Friday 2019 will take place on November 29, and it's never been a better year to buy gifts for Star Wars fans.

With Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerThe Mandalorian, and Galaxy's Edge all brand-spanking new, you will have no problem finding great gifts — the real challenge will be finding the best deals on them. Some retailers are just starting to release new Black Friday deals for the month of November, so let's take a look at some of the new items that are coming out for a fraction of their original retail price!

And PS: Yes, The Mandalorian merchandise is finally starting to trickle out. Why don't you scroll down to the apparel section and see whose tiny little 50-year-old baby face is available on clothing now? Go ahead, we'll wait.


Screenshot 2019-11-13 17.13.46

Right now at Kohl's for anywhere from 10-50% off the retail price are November savings that will coast us right through Black Friday! And right now, Kohl's has amazing prices on all of its Star Wars kitchen items. You can see the complete list right here and check out all of the great savings. From Death Star ice molds to Chewbacca oven mitts, a Darth Vader waffle maker, a stormtrooper toaster, coffee mugs, and more, Kohl's is making sure that with their leading up to Black Friday November sales prices you can fill your nerd house (or nerd kitchen) with tons of Star Wars home goods! 

SP Hero BB-9E App Enabled Droid with Trainer

Want to kick off the shopping season with a Star Wars-related electronic or gadget? Then head over to Amazon and check out this new BB-9E App-Enabled Droid With Trainer. It is currently on sale, down to $52 from its original $140. BB-9E is a menacing astromech droid employed by the First Order. Control it with your smart device and keep it rolling optimally with the augmented-reality Droid Trainer.

Watch BB-9E interact with other Star Wars App-enabled Droids by Sphero, then view films from the Star Wars saga with BB-9E by your side. This is NOT the droid you’re looking for … it’s the droid that’s looking for you

Screenshot 2019-10-19 18.10.19

If you still want a Star Wars-related gadget that won't break the bank, check out this Darth Vader night light from Target! It's on sale for under $10, changes colors, and has motion sensors. It's like a light with Jedi senses! Oh man, now if it could only change colors according to your mood because there's like an app for that or something, that would just be amazing. Otherwise, for an interesting rotation of glowing fun, you can pick yours up today.

Ultrasonic Cool R2D2 Humidfier

Also hanging out in the $10 club, this R2-D2 mini humidifier from Ultrasonic will let you breathe easy. From Ultrasonic, the humidifier fights mold and mildew and features anti-microbial technology, on/off dial (min/max settings), and a mist nozzle. And hey, if you park it close enough to your Star Wars Chia Pet (hold on, it's coming) then you don't even have to water your plant!

Everyone wins and we have Star Wars sale items all over the house!


Screenshot 2019-11-26 23.09.22

It's the moment new fans of The Mandalorian have been waiting for since we saw The Child, aka Baby Yoda sticking his squishy little smooshy tiny muffin finger out of his bitsy little hover basket a few weeks ago. Collectively we asked, one -- how can I get a toy of that? And two, how can I get an everything of that? And while we are still waiting on toys, we can have officially licensed T-shirts of The Child, available now on Hot Topic's website. Even better, they have multiple shirts of the cutest little Star Wars creature that ever happened, and they are all included in Hot Topic's Black Friday "Buy Two, Get One Free" shirt sale. Sure, it's not the best of Black Friday deals, but it's Baby Yoda, so therefore, all gone money.

Screenshot 2019-11-26 23.26.10

Speaking of The Mandalorian, Kohl's is offering an amazing Black Friday exclusive deal on this awesome necklace and pendant. Down to $30 from its original $100, this piece is going to make every badass bounty hunter in your life amazingly happy. In fact, if you take advantage of Kohl's online Black Friday sale, you can get this necklace for an additional $5 off if you use the code GiveThanks at checkout.  

Screenshot 2019-11-13 16.39.41

Want to represent Star Wars all over your body with some awesome Black Friday prices? Check out Kohl's latest Black Friday and November sales prices! Just about all Star Wars T-shirts and apparel are anywhere from $5 to $10 off. You can even get a huge amount of apparel and T-shirts at a Two-for-Twenty deal. Kohl's Black Friday clothing deals for Star Wars apparel are extending to women's clothing, children's clothing, or you can get a jump-start on matching family pajamas if that's how you want to exist with the people in your life. You can check out all of Kohl's mad Black Friday sales for clothes and apparel right here!


Available now from Film Jackets for nearly $100 off the original retail price is a Black Friday special that will make your inner swaggering rogue scoundrel shoot first and shrug like a baller. It's the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Han Solo Jacket. Originally priced at $189, it is on sale now for the Black Friday special of $99. According to the Film Jackets site, "The Han Solo Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Jacket is made of cotton fabric while viscose is stitched inside to make it soft and cozy. There are two inner pockets and five outside pockets, including one on the sleeve. It's a style that'll last years to come and guarantees to keep you fit."

Five Below Graphic Tee

If you don’t have a Five Below store in your area, you are missing out. Nicer than a dollar store and outlet store, Five Below is a haven for random licensed items. And one of their biggest licenses is Star Wars. A big celebrator of holidays, I can’t wait to see what they do over there for Black Friday.

As it stands, everything in the store costs five dollars or less. You can buy Star Wars shirts for $5 right now at Five Below while you’re waiting for Black Friday. Until then, if someone asks if you know the person who is an obsessive Star Wars lover and collector, simply point to yourself and say, "Well, of course I know him. He's me."

Toynk Toys Rings

There's no better love than nerd love. Now on sale from officially licensed retailer Toynk Toys, this set of stainless steel "I Love You", "I Know" rings are exactly what every Star Wars loving couple needs to make their holidays warm and fuzzy. This set of rings features one of the most well-known quotes from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and costs $29.99.

The caveat is that one of the rings is a size 7 and the other is a size 10. So, if that doesn't work for your fingers, you and your significant others will have to purchase blank rings in your respective ring sizes, walk over to that engraving booth at the mall and explain that you want Star Wars quips on your rings.

Han Cholo Jewelry

Speaking of jewelry, you've got to see the huge Star Wars jewelry blowout sale happening now over at Han Cholo. The Los Angeles-based jewelry company only produces officially licensed products. The designs are amazing, and the quality is stellar.

Right now, all of their Star Wars necklaces (and one ring) are on sale for $25, down from $70. Included in this incredible selection is a Han Solo in carbonite ring, a Han Solo in carbonite pendant, a Darth Vader pendant, an R2-D2 pendant, and a "May the Force Be With You" necklace, which is the lowest-costing item at $15. 


Screenshot 2019-11-26 23.25.02

Down to $9.99 from its original $21.99, this adorable Yoda towel is included in Kohl's official Black Friday sale. While it may not be The Child, aka The Baby Yoda that everyone is looking for, at least your baby can be wrapped up and just as post-bath-time wrinkly-fingered adorable as Yoda! 


Of all the things first announced for Best Buy's Black Friday Star Wars deals, can you believe that this suitcase is a featured item? And why the hell not -- it's nearly $100 off the retail price! Coming in at $136, down from $229, this Darth Vader suitcase will make you the coolest, and most feared, Sith Daddy of the airport. You can order it and other Black Friday Star Wars luggage deals from Best Buy right here.

Zak Designs Darth Vader Mugs
On sale right now at BigBadToyStore for only $13.81, this gift for two screams "I know you like Star Wars, but I had no idea what to get you!" And you know what, that's okay. From Zak Designs, this ceramic bank and coffee mug set features the likeness of Darth Vader, which is just what you need to wake up in the morning.

One might initially think that these are for kids, but I'd respectfully disagree because of that whole "kids are good at smashing things" angle. 

Pyramid America Yoda Welcome Mat

Love this Yoda welcome mat, visitors will. On sale right now for $22.99 at BigBadToyStore, it's made of heavy-duty Coir matting with a durable vinyl backing. Besides, everyone knows it's common courtesy to wipe your feet before pulling your ship out of the Dagobah swamp with your brain. 

Screenshot 2019-10-20 07.46.32

If welcome mats and rugs are your flavor of fun, check out this BB-8 bath mat from King Linen! This sucker is on hyper sale right now, down to $5 from its original $60. If you're a Star Wars lover so dedicated to washing down that you would have considered a $60 BB-8 bath mat, then you win the money-saving prize today. This bath mat is machine washable, absorbs water, and is just oh-so-adorable under your feet or knees if you're washing your little padawans. 

Missing media item.

Ah, Chia Pets! The novelty gift of our parents' generation. While they once fell out of style, they're en vogue again because we will pretty much buy anything that reflects our favorite pop culture properties. Walmart now has a huge selection of Star Wars Chia Pets for just $19.99. This is one of those items I'm betting will get even cheaper for the official Black Friday sale, but even if that's not the case, if you're telling me I can have any one of the four Golden Girls or a Rick and Morty Chia Pet, you bet I'll be breaking down doors. 


Screenshot 2019-11-21 23.01.12

Target has released its official Black Friday teaser ads, and available on it are ... you guessed it -- Star Wars toys! Included in Target's Buy One, Get One 50% Off Black Friday sale is a host of toy brands, and Star Wars is indeed one of them. This is an awesome opportunity to snag the Vintage Line of 3.75-inch toys if your local Target still has them, or maybe a Black Series figure if they are included in the sale. And hell, if they're not, then those are not the toys we are looking for anyway.


Right now on BigBadToyStore, the online toy retailer is having a huge November sale to gear up for Black Friday. While most of the Star Wars toys featured in this sale are from the Black Series, there are some Funko toys in there too, up to 77% off! Check out their Star Wars action figure sale stock and see what you can add to your tasty collectors candy shelf! Many of these pieces are under $20 right now, so use that Force all up before these are gone! 


Teased in its official Black Friday guide, Target is showing off an X-Box Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order bundle pack! For $199, you can get the game and system packaged together. We can expect more video game bundles coming for the Black Friday season, but Target is off to a great start by showing theirs off first! Target has also revealed that for this Black Friday, select toys will be Buy One, Get One, and included in the reveal of logos included in that deal was, what else, Star Wars!

LEGO Star Wars Sets

Collectors of Star Wars LEGO sets know that life has never been better. And now, it's never been cheaper, either. Amazon is currently running some serious sales on these sets, with some anywhere from $10-$60 off their retail price. And that's key, because any collector of Star Wars LEGO sets knows that new ones are pumped out all the time, so any cost savings are essential. You can even get those mini-sets for as low as $7 right now

Check out the current inventory on Amazon, because these LEGO savings are likely to disappear in a couple of parsecs (or something).

Disney Chewbacca Robot Pet

Now on clearance for $68 on Amazon, down from its original $130, this magical Wookie robot friend is capable of so many things. After all, he is the self-proclaimed Ultimate Co-Pilot Animatronic Plush. This plush toy features 100 plus interactive sound-and-motion combinations that respond in the Wookiee language. Sure, he takes more batteries than a 1992 Boom Box, but just look at his little punim! Now, if we could only speak Wookie to understand those responses...

Hasbro Force Link

We're at the end of our Star Wars pre-Black Friday discount guide, my lovely collectors, and there's no way we could wrap this up without an ode to Star Wars discount toys.

Now, for those of you who aren't obsessive wild-eyed shelf-scouring crazy people, let me invite you back to the discount rack. At Five Below, you can get Star Wars Force Link toys for $3.25. You can get figures from the Star Wars Black Series by Hasbro for $5. And if your area has 99 Cent Only stores, Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Big Lots, or even independent discount stores, you are guaranteed to find Star Wars toys of some flavor on the shelves.