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Black Lightning's cast on their hopes for Season 4, and why the show is more relevant than ever

By Nivea Serrao
Crisis on Infinite Earths Black LIghtning 2

Black Lightning was one of the few Arrowverse shows that got to complete its latest season without being interrupted by any COVID-related shutdowns. But while Season 4 of The CW series isn't quite in the works just yet, that didn't stop the cast from discussing what they'd like to see for their characters when the superhero show does eventually return during their DC FanDome panel. 

Among those present were Cress Williams (Jefferson Pierce, aka "Black Lightning"), China Anne McClain (Jennifer Pierce, aka "Lightning"), Nafessa Williams (Anissa Pierce, aka "Thunder" and "Blackbird"), Christine Adams (Lynn Stewart), Marvin “Krondon” Jones III (Tobias Whale), Jordan Calloway (Khalil Payne, aka "Painkiller"), and James Remar (Peter Gambi), with the whole event moderated by actor and creator of The Meteor Man Robert Townsend (Dr. Napier Frank).

"I'd like to get back into the school," said Cress Williams of a possible direction for the show in Season 4, which would tie into his character's civilian identity as a high school teacher. "I'd like to get back into mentoring kids. The thing I'm most proud of is the educational aspect of the show." 

Adams, who plays scientist (and Pierce's ex-wife) Lynn Stewart on the series, had a different wish. "I would like to not be drunk or on drugs," she said, noting her character's current addiction to the drug Green Light, which gives its users physical powers.  

"I'd like to see Gambi be revealed as having a metapower of his own," mused Remar, whose character is responsible for creating the family's super suits. Before adding that he'd also like to see his character maybe flesh out his family and love life. "I'd like to see him maybe have a girlfriend ... Maybe Gambi had a kid he reunites with, having not seen in him 25 years."

Nafessa Williams also wouldn't mind seeing her character Anissa and her girlfriend Grace eventually walk down the aisle, especially seeing as their wedding was cut short toward the end of Season 3, before it wrapping with Grace attempting to kill her and then ending up in a coma. But mostly, she'd like the show to further tie the events of its fictional world into those of our real one.

"I want to see some of what's happening in our world, and what's happening in our day," said Williams. "I just want to always stay on trend with that, and, knowing [showrunner Salim Akil], we will." 

In fact, according to the cast, it's the show's ability to touch on events taking place in the present day that makes it so relevant — especially right now. 

"[The show] speaks truth to power, meaning the state of our government," said Jones, who plays villain Tobias Whale on the series. "Even though we're in a fictitious world, I think it aligns, a lot of the time, with the current times. And it speaks to the people who are actually living that. People in Black communities."

Jones went on to add, "That's the truth of our experience, and it's done in such a way that it's fantabulous, and it resonates not just with our community but with every community because it has such dignity and integrity." 

Nafessa Williams agreed. "We stay so true to what's happening that people are able to use our show as a mirror and learn from that." 

Adds Remar, "This show, of the superhero shows, it feels real."

Jordan Calloway, who plays the occasional antagonist Painkiller, added, "We provide that hope not just through superheroes saving the day but also making difficult choices that are morally correct choices."

There's no news as of yet on when Season 4 of Black Lightning will premiere, or start production. 

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