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Blumhouse is summoning a remake of The Craft with female director

By Benjamin Bullard
Seance scene from The Craft

More than two decades after we last saw Nancy Downs raving with madness on a hospital gurney, a new incarnation of The Craft is reportedly in the works — and it’s coming from Blumhouse, the same production house behind recent supernatural horror hits like Get Out, Halloween, and Us

Deadline reports that actor-director Zoe Lister-Jones (Band Aid, Life in Pieces) will direct the new movie, with original The Craft screenwriter Andrew Fleming as one of the film’s executive producers. SYFY WIRE has reached out to Blumhouse to learn whether the remake will be a sequel to the landmark 1996 movie, or a fresh reboot. 

Jump-starting a followup to The Craft has been a source of anguished fan expectations as far back as 2015, when horror maven Leigh Janiak was originally announced to direct a reboot to the original girl-powered story of witchcraft’s unintended consequences. 

For a movie that’s going on 24 years old, The Craft has aged supernaturally well, and retains an evergreen cult following. The original movie starred Robin Tunney as student newcomer at an L.A. Catholic school who joins a teenage coven with Neve Campbell, Fairuza Balk and Rachel True. Dabbling in magic quickly spins their harmless outsiders’ outlet into something far more sinister, fracturing their sisterhood and leaving Nancy, in the movie’s closing moments, trapped in a psychiatric ward and spiraling toward madness.

In addition to Fleming’s involvement as an executive producer, the new movie is also being co-produced by Red Wagon Entertainment, which also produced the first film. Deadline reports that Lister-Jones is both directing and writing the remake. 

Some fan sites are speculating that the remake could start production this summer, but there’s no official world yet from Blumhouse on casting, when shooting will begin, or when the movie will cast its spell in theaters. But after years of wondering whether The Craft will ever get a witchy resurrection, it’s magical to finally know that this is a franchise that’s far from dead.