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Boom! Studios discovers an oasis of odd in new fantasy series, King of Nowhere

By Jeff Spry
Nowhere Hero

Showcasing a powerhouse creative team fronted by Eisner Award-nominated writer W. Maxwell Prince (Ice Cream Man) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Tyler Jenkins (Grass Kings, Black Badge), Boom! Studios is taking a weird and wonderful odyssey into an all-original 5-issue fantasy series titled King of Nowhere.

Nowhere Cover

Slated to debut in March of 2020, the trippy miniseries' talent pool also includes colorist Hilary Jenkins (Black Badge) and letterer AndWorld Design (Martian Manhunter). It's a fresh take on a familiar Twilight Zone-style tale of lost memories, miracles, and mysteries in a strange destination located just outside the guarded borders of reality.

"King of Nowhere takes the absurdist imagination of Ice Cream Man and the visceral storytelling of Grass Kings and blends them into the craziest damn smoothie you've ever tasted," says Boom! Studios Senior Editor Eric Harburn. "W. Maxwell Prince and Tyler Jenkins, along with Hilary Jenkins and AndWorld Design, have built a fever dream of mystery, pathos, and heart, and we can't wait for you to experience it."

Nowhere Slice 1

The surreal storyline follows the path of a harmless alcoholic lowlife named Denis as he wakes one day on the fringe of a strange village called Nowhere, a bizarre place that's home to a benevolent community of deformed, slightly abnormal, mutant citizens. Denis suffers from amnesia and has no clue as to his current location, purpose, or identity.

But when Denis starts to regain his former memories, his past begins to intrude and overwhelm the present. A situation that initially unfolds as simply a bad trip quickly elevates into a modern Lynchian melodrama of mistaken identities, small-town conspiracies, and far-out fantasy fulfillment.

“I’m incredibly happy to bring to market the most important comic about mutants to be published next year,” says W. Maxwell Prince in a statement. “How exciting that everyone can finally join me, Tyler, and Hilary in the middle of Nowhere.”

Nowhere Slice 2

Jenkins' artwork here punctuates the story's crazy turns and twists, executed with a nightmarish fluidity that demands attention to its moods and detail.

“You ever have one of those days where you stand in the morning, vaguely connected to the events that have, moments ago, ceased being the present, and watch the sun rise, then spend that day adrift without the anchor of sleep?” asks Jenkins in an official statement. “That’s King Of Nowhere—a stop motion story; one day to the next, one pose to the next. Each pose, each day, hopefully driving forward the life of your story, or the story of your life.”

Nowhere Slice 3

Meet the mutants of Nowhere in our sneak peek at next year's King of Nowhere #1 in the gallery below, and make sure to mark your new calendar to detour into delirium when it arrives March 2020.