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SYFY WIRE Brave New World

Peacock's Brave New World watch party reveals Alden Ehrenreich is impervious to weather

By Justin Carter
Brave New World first look 7

The world of Peacock's Brave New World looks good, though some may say perhaps too good.

Tonight, during Peacock's watch party for the new series' first two episodes, we learned that the technology used to create the environments of the show proved to be a distraction for Harry Lloyd (Game of Thrones), who plays A+ counselor Bernard Marx.

As Lloyd says in the video below, the world looked so beautiful that sometimes it was hard to stay focused on the acting at hand. "I had to focus very hard on keeping this normal and day-to-day, when I was just blown away by the scale and artistry of this production," Lloyd says.

Also starring Alden Ehrenreich and Demi Moore, Brave New World is a sci-fi adaptation of the classic 1932 novel by Aldous Huxley. Set in the utopian society of New London, everyone is now an open book and closer than ever, thanks to the help of New London's AI known as Indra.

Having successfully prohibited any type of secrecy, be it financial, historical, familial, or sexual, society is allowed to revel in its excess, something showrunner David Wiener wanted to be especially clear about in the first episode's party scene at the Pleasure Gardens featuring Lenina (Jessica Brown Findlay) and Frannie Crowne (Kylie Bunburry). 

It also happened to be one of Findlay's favorite moments of the season to shoot.

Findlay definitely had fun filming the series — check out her takeover of SYFY WIRE's Instagram Story to see plenty of smiles and laughs.

For Wiener's part, the show gave him a chance to achieve a lifelong dream of working with Tony-nominated actor Kate Fleetwood, who portrayed Shiela on the show. 

And then there's Ehrenreich, who portrays John the Savage. If you need an idea of how committed he was to the part, weather apparently doesn't mean a thing to him. 

Impressed by the first two episodes of Brave New World? Why not go ahead and stream the rest of the season this weekend, for free, right here? You can also join in on the conversation online using the hashtag #BraveNewWorld. And don't forget to hop over to Instagram — Joseph Morgan (who plays CJack60) is hosting a Live After Party (@therealjosephmorgan) to talk about the show. Plus, Wiener will hop on Reddit this Monday to talk shop and answer any questions you may have. 

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