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Break into Brian Haberlin's breathtaking new steampunk sci-fi saga, Sonata

By Jeff Spry
Sonata Hero

One of the profound joys of comics is unexpectedly discovering some refreshing gem rising above the crowd to surprise and invigorate the senses.  Such is the case with Image Comics' new Sonata #1 and its wealth of awe-inspiring storytelling and images.

This breathtaking, creator-owned sci-fi fantasy series written by David Hine (The Bulletproof Coffin) and Brian Haberlin (Witchblade, Anomaly), with striking art by fan fave Haberlin and vivid colors courtesy of Geirrod Van Dyke (Spawn), reminds us of the universal power of the broad-shouldered visual medium. The promising premiere issue arrives Wednesday, June 12, and SYFY WIRE has an exclusive look inside, along with comments by its veteran artist.

Sonata Cover A

The sweeping plot finds two disparate cultures clashing on a planet they each believe is their true Promised Land. The Rans are a noble, peace-loving people, but the Tayans are a ruthless race of warriors whose nature it is to colonize and control. Colossal creatures called the Sleeping Giants also consider this primal world home, though their actual identity is shrouded in mystery. Are they bloodthirsty monsters or the epic gods of legend? Amid this turmoil, a brave young woman named Sonata is willing to break all the rules to find herself in this universe—and she’s not going to let sleeping gods lie.

Sonata Cover B

Haberlin, co-creator of the sultry Witchblade character, is in fine worldbuilding form with Hine in this debut offering. His evocative art paired with Van Dyke's eye-pleasing colors is positively elevating, populated with majestic alien landscapes, towering troll monsters, steampunk airships, and avian beasts.

Sonata Slice

"I'm reuniting here with David Hine, who I did Spawn with, and of course my longtime colorist Geirrod Van Dyke, who I've worked with since the first Anomaly graphic novel," Haberlin tells SYFY WIRE. "I really wanted to create a world with that kind of scope Moebius used. John Ford style vistas, lots of flying vehicles (birds and ships), AND GIANT FRIGGIN’ ENIGMATIC MONSTERS! And throw in a healthy amount of steampunk and scifi … kinda solar punk.

"The story is basically three worlds orbiting a gas giant. Two being rival civilizations, both attempting to colonize the third ... which just happens to be the legendary home of both civilizations' gods!"

Sonata 1 Slice

"They use solar sail tech to travel in space, so they can only visit the other planets when everything is just right," he adds. "So no quick escapes, no calling for help. Our folks are on their own! There's a peeling away of layers of what is really going on in the God world in a fashion similar to the old Lost TV show, with a Romeo and Juliet story at its core."

Now delve into our exclusive 4-page peek inside Image Comics' Sonata #1, then tell us if you'll venture into its exotic realms when the first issue lands on June 12.

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