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SYFY WIRE Captain Marvel

Brie Larson posts late night treat: new Captain Marvel action sequence

By Alexis Sottile
Captain Marvel train

It was a very good night for fans for whom March 8, the debut of Captain Marvel (and International Women's Day, by the way), can't come soon enough. For nigh upon one AM, Brie Larson, the Kree incarnate, with the few simple words "I'll just leave this here," treated us all to a brand-new action sequence from the much-anticipated film. It features a train we've seen before in pics from the film, complete with the quite common chase scene trope of "two or more people running and fighting atop a moving train" (the frequency with which this happens in action movies is quite shocking once you really think of the odds of this ever happening), but with the added bonus of Nick Fury and Agent Coulson chasing after the train itself by car.

(And yes, seeing Samuel L. Jackson drive a car through 1990s L.A. again is every bit the Pulp Fiction throwback you'd think it would be.) Watch below:

At 45 seconds long it manages to be quite the meaty teaser. Any guesses on who the unlucky guy in a sweater and chinos is? We're not sure, but we are convinced that if Nick Fury says he's going to meet them at the station, he probably will manage to do that. And with a little over a month to go till next Marvel-mas, this is probably not our last clue.