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Brie Larson's 'Fast X' character was inspired by 'Good Vibes' of Vin Diesel's daughter

A new member of the Fast family was inspired by...well, actual family.

By Matthew Jackson
Fast and Furious Fan Theories - Legit or Bull$#!%

As with every recent installment of the franchise, this year's Fast X will expand the Fast family with several incoming superstars, enriching a landscape that's already included Oscar winners and box office champions. Now, we finally know a little bit more about one of the most intriguing new additions.

We've known for a while that Jason Momoa is playing Dante, the main villain of the penultimate installment in the Fast Saga, and that the legendary Rita Moreno is on board as Dominic Toretto's (Vin Diesel) grandmother. We've also known for a while that Captain Marvel star Brie Larson is a part of the film, but we're only just beginning to learn details of her character, including one very specific point of inspiration.

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This week, Larson confirmed to Total Film that her Fast X character, Tess, is the daughter of Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), a major Toretto ally over the last several films who used his shadowy government presence to provide resources to Dom and his crew no matter what they were facing. With Mr. Nobody's fate uncertain after the events of F9, we can expect Tess to step in and try to provide more of the same, with a different twist on an Agency ally. 

How different? Well, we won't know for sure until we see the film, but in a new profile on Larson over at Harper's Bazaar, Diesel himself revealed that Larson's portrayal of Tess was at least partially inspired by his own 8-year-old daughter. When she met Larson for the first time, Diesel's daughter was wearing a leather jacket with "Good Vibes Only" printed on the back. It made an impression on the Oscar-winning star, and she immediately took steps to make the jacket part of the film. 

“Brie went to the wardrobe department and had them re-create the jacket,” Diesel said. “She wore it throughout the movie.”

That little detail is fascinating, and certainly gives us an insight into the kind of attitude Larson is bringing to the film, particularly when juxtaposed with the revenge-filled plot that will see Momoa's character trying to decimate the Toretto crew. We'll learn more about Tess soon, but we already can't wait to meet her.

Fast X is in theaters May 19. Tickets are on sale now!

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