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Brightburn home release clip breaks down subversion of Superman myth

By Josh Weiss
Elizabeth Banks Brightburn

The superman exists, and he's kind of a jerk. In an exclusive first look at the impending home release of David Yarovesky's Brightburn, we get a deep dive into the unique horror spin on the iconic Kal-El origin story from DC Comics. The clip in question comes from a larger featurette entitled "Nature vs. Nurture," which explores the inspired subversion of the superhero genre with testimonials from Yarovesky, producer James Gunn, screenwriters Brian and Mark Gunn, and main star, Jackson A. Dunn (Brandon Breyer).

"The bond between his mom [Elizabeth Banks' Tori Breyer] and him is so strong," says Dunn, who also appeared as a young Scott Lang in Avengers: Endgame. "That's why in the movie, it's just so — almost tragic that it's completely kind of severed."

Check it out below:

Set in the quaint Midwestern town of Brightburn, Kansas, the film centers on the Breyer couple (Tori's husband, Kyle, is played by David Denman), who come to realize that the alien baby they found in the woods over a decade ago will not be the symbol of hope for mankind they had hoped he would be. As Brandon embarks on an R-rated killing spree (and yes, his murderous antics deserve a hard, but welcome R), his legal guardians try to do what they should have done a long time ago: kill him.

"I think that most of the superhero stuff that I've done is always coming at superheroes from a different angle than they usually are in cinema," James Gunn told SYFY WIRE back in May. "A movie I made — that's not a very well-known movie — called The Specials was simply about a group of superheroes on their day off — it was about their interpersonal relationships and has nothing to do with fighting crime, it just has to do with their problems with each other."

"I've always been interested in villains. I'm a guy who roots for the bad guy, often things like I was cheering for the Night King in Game of Thrones. I'm like constantly team chaos in movies," Yarovesky also told SYFY WIRE in May. "They're cooler generally. If I'm playing a video game, I'm definitely going to pick the bad guy, like Left for Dead was one of my favorite games to play as the zombies."

Brightburn arrives on digital platforms tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 6, and hits 4K Ultra, Blu-Ray, and DVD on Aug. 20.