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Slay what?! 'Buffy' star Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV in ’Wolf Pack’ from ‘Teen Wolf' creator

It's not Buffy, but it definitely passes the vibe check.

By Trent Moore
Sarah Michelle Gellar

After ascending to supernatural royalty playing Buffy the Vampire Slayer back in the early 2000s, Sarah Michelle Gellar is finally returning to the realm of supernatural horror TV with a starring role in Paramount+’s new original series Wolf Pack.

The show hails from producer Jeff Davis, creator of the hit Teen Wolf series on MTV (as well as the upcoming Teen Wolf: The Movie coming to Paramount+). Though it bears some obvious spiritual connections to the Teen Wolf subject matter, Wolf Pack doesn't look to actually connect to that series (as far as we've been told) — instead it's a separate show based on author Edo Van Belkom’s series of the same name. Much like the books, the series is set to follow teenagers who develop supernatural abilities and soon learn they’ve actually become werewolves. That brings them into the path of two adults with similar mysterious abilities, and it gets mysterious and twisty from there.

Gellar’s casting was revealed in the Teen Wolf: The Movie panel at San Diego Comic-Con, with Gellar popping out as a surprise guest as the movie’s panel wrapped. Gellar teased she was excited to get back into the supernatural realm, and was perhaps even happier to learn she’d received the honor of being a Hall H surprise — something that’s become a bit of an SDCC tradition over the years. The setting also makes sense as Davis produces both Teen Wolf and Wolf Pack, and though unconnected, they look to mine plenty of the same territory.

Gellar will join stars Armani Jackson (Honor Society), Bella Shepard (The Wilds), Chloe Rose Robertson (Wildflower) and Tyler Lawrence Gray (Macbeth) in the show’s cast. Production is currently underway on Wolf Pack, though Gellar took a short break to swing by SDCC for the casting reveal.

As for Gellar, she’s largely avoided the supernatural horror TV scene in the years since Buffy ended its 1997-2003 run, which makes this casting reveal all the more intriguing. She jumped to the big screen with the Grudge horror films in the early post-Buffy years, and popped up in TV projects like The CW’s short-lived mystery thriller Ringer and Robin Willams’ 2013 dramedy The Crazy Ones. Most recently she’s largely shifted to voice work in animated projects, with roles in Star Wars Rebels, Robot Chicken and Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

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