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'Teen Wolf: The Movie' takes a bite out of SDCC with trailer, reveals & F-bombs for Paramount+ revival

The long-awaited Teen Wolf revival is coming to Paramount+ later this year.

By Trent Moore
Teen Wolf: The Movie

One of the most cult-loved supernatural shows of the 2000's is coming back with Teen Wolf: The Movie, and the fan favorite hit made its return to San Diego Comic-Con with a first look at the film and teases from the creator and stars teeing up fans on what they can expect from the revival. One big change in jumping to streaming? No more holding back when it comes to those wolf-y adult words.

"We can say 'f***' in Teen Wolf: The Movie," star Tyler Posey confirmed to cheers from the crowd.

The new film picks up where the MTV original series left off, serving as a follow-up film that'll stream on Paramount+. As such, the story jumps all those years ahead with the former teens no longer, well, teens. If you're unfamiliar, the show itself was loosely based on the hit 1980s movie of the same name. The MTV series ran from 2011-2017, putting more of a dark, sexy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin on the concept.

At the film's SDCC panel, with SYFY WIRE in attendance, executive producer Jeff Davis revealed the film came together after initial talks to bring the show back for a seventh season, and they had to hatch a way to reintroduce these characters now that the actors are almost a decade older. Davis also dropped a tease for the future to wide applause, revealing "there is discussion about doing more" if The Movie does well.

"I told Paramount+ I couldn’t do another season, so they said, 'What about a movie?'" Davis said. "Then I realized we were writing a very long movie, since we have 20 main characters, and I realized I wrote a short Season 7 [laughs]. We’ll see how much lasts in the final cut. It's so great to see all the characters and where they are now, because we really do take a jump in time... We shot Teen Wolf and tried to make a movie every week, we were way too ambitious with our budget. The real fun for me was getting everyone back together and asking the question of what happened to them? Where are they now? I think we found some interesting answers."

The studio also debuted a trailer, which included plenty of reveals... including the return of Crystal Reed's Allison. Which raises plenty of questions — and this being a teaser trailer — it wasn't big on answers. The stars and Davis were also mum on spoilers, with Posey at least teasing it's not what fans might expect, elaborating it's hard to keep the secrets, but worth it for the "fun" of seeing the surprise among fans when the reveals finally do come down.

"I texted Crystal and told her we didn't really have a story yet, but I always said if I was going to do a movie one of the characters I would bring back is Allison, so I asked if she was game to take up the bow and arrow again," Davis said of the decision. "She said she just burst into tears and we talked for a half hour [about her return]."

Check out the trailer below:

Posey said he was game to bring the show back in any form, noting he'd been advocating for a revival "since before it even ended." He added: "The show consumed our lives for 10 years, so I do think we all needed a break. It’s just special now. Bringing it back to everybody, I think this amount of time was perfect." 

Fellow co-star Tyler Hoechlin (who is now starring in Superman & Lois), added there's something "special" about revisiting these characters in new places after time away.

Teen Wolf: The Movie hits Paramount+ later this year.

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