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SYFY WIRE Westworld

Can't bet on games? How ‘bout putting your money on Westworld?

By Adam Pockross
Tessa Thompson in Westworld Season 3

Today, should have been the start of the NCAA basketball tourney, one of the best sports days of the year. Alas, now it’s like every other day this coronavirus season: gameless (professionally speaking, at least). And thus — more critically to Las Vegas, online gaming sites, and bookies — bet-less.

Apparently though, according to at least one online gambling site,, there’s still some action to be had on one particular action drama, HBO’s Westworld. Yes, now you can put all the money you didn’t lose on your bracket into the ‘Who is controlling Charlotte?’ prop bet.

“With the North American sports schedule coming to a halt, we are looking for some out of the box ideas to maintain engagement with our players,” Bovada’s head oddsmaker, Pat Morrow, tells TheWrap. “One of the most popular betting markets in 2019 was the final season of Game of Thrones. So it only made sense to make props on the show taking over its time spot, Westworld.”

So far the availalbe bets noted below, along with some of the possible winning guesses. For all the lines though, head over to Bovada:

"What Type of Job Will Caleb Accept Next On The RICO App?" Babysitting, Fireworks Show, and Creative Accounting are among the top prospects.

"Who Will Perish Next?" Ash, G, Liam, and William is where the smart money lies.

"What Will Marshawn Lynch’s Character 'G' Mention First?" The best guesses for the former NFL running back’s first words on the show are “Beast Mode,” “Boss,” “About That Action,” and “Skittles.”

"Which Host Character From Season 2 Is Charlotte Being Controlled By?" Other, None (Charlotte Is Still Charlotte) and Teddy are the current frontrunners.

So far, says Morrow, gambling response from their players “has been great,” with TV betting on the whole seeing an 18 percent increase compared to last year. It’s by no means heavy action, though, compared to actual sports gambling. But since large crowds may not be gathering for a while now, Bovada may be offering weekly prop bets, as were seen during peak Game of Thrones.

Of course, Westworld’s but one show, and with all sports pretty much shut down, there’s a lot more bets that need replacing. So what other shows (that aren’t released all at once) can we throw money away on?

How ‘bout The Walking Dead? You know someone’s going to die next, who’s it going to be, and can we bet that Negan makes it all the way through? Or what about Picard, what are the odds the Synths are going to destroy all organic life in the season finale? Or, most importantly, is there a chance we’ll ever see Brandon Routh on Legends of Tomorrow again?

Westworld Season 3 continues on HBO this Sunday, Mar. 22 at 9:00 p.m. ET on HBO. You can bet on it.

(via TheWrap)