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Casting: Kevin Hart to star in Monopoly movie; Raised by Wolves assembles the pack

By Benjamin Bullard
Jumanji Kevin Hart

The long-gestating Monopoly movie, which has been in the planning stages for almost as long as it takes to finish a round of the famous board game on which it’s based, has reportedly gone directly to Kevin Hart to cast its lead role.

Via The Hollywood Reporter, Hart is in final negotiations to co-produce and star in Lionsgate’s upcoming live-action comedy, teaming up with director Tim Story, who previously directed Hart in Ride Along. Toy maker Hasbro also is reportedly co-producing alongside Brian Goldner, Stephen Davis, and Greg Mooradian.

Although the movie has passed through many would-be producers and scripts, the current story appears to focus on time travel, with a boy and his mom using one of the game’s stylized house figures as a vessel to go back in time, where they “rewrite their own family history and stop a corrupt businessman in the process,” according to THR, adding that it’s possible that storyline could change now that Hart appears to have come on board.

There’s no word on when the comedian and Jumanji star will show up on the big screen, as a release date for the movie hasn’t yet been announced. Stay tuned for updates while we wait for development to finally pass Go.

Raised by Wolves, the Ridley Scott-directed and -produced sci-fi drama series heading to TNT, has reportedly filled in all seven of its principal roles.

Deadline reports that Amanda Collin, Abubakar Salim, Winta McGrath, Niamh Algar, Felix Jamieson, Ethan Hazzard, Jordan Loughran, Aasiya Shah, and Ivy Wong all have joined the cast, only days after the show picked up VikingsTravis Fimmel to play Marcus, an ex-soldier with a troubled past.

The show, which marks Scott’s first turn as a TV director, will reportedly follow the difficulties a pair of androids encounter as they negotiate human ideologies and religious conflicts while raising human children on a distant planet.

Algar will play Marcus’ wife Sue, a combat medic with lingering moral doubts about the compromises the humans have made to begin a new life far from home. Collin and Salim will reportedly take on the two android roles as “Mother” and “Father,” with Mother serving as the more complicated and mission-focused member of the pair.

The remaining actors all will play the human children, who range in age from 9 to 17. Hazzard and Loughran will play Hunter and Tempest, respectively, both 17-year-olds who remember and struggle with their highly religious upbringing — unlike their younger counterparts. Tempest carries an especially traumatic set of emotional freight, having become pregnant as the victim of a rape committed by a high-ranking church official.

Shah will star as 15-year-old Holly, whom Deadline describes as a “burgeoning warrior who is trying to find her place in this strange new world.”

Jamieson will play Sue and Marcus’ 12-year-old son Paul, a religious believer who befriends Campion (McGrath) — a 12-year-old who’s introduced to religion for the first time when a new migration of humans arrives on the new planet from Earth.

Rounding out the young cast is Wong, who’ll play 9-year-old Vita — “the youngest member of the family, but also the most fearless,” according to the report.

TNT hasn’t revealed when Raised by Wolves will premiere, but production is expected to begin on the series in South Africa this month.