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SYFY WIRE Castlevania

Like Dracula himself, 'Castlevania' refuses to die with new Netflix anime spinoff on the way

By Josh Weiss

Time to stock up on garlic and holy water, folks. Like a bloodthirsty, Transylvanian ghoul in the dead of night, Netflix's Castlevania franchise refuses to be killed. While the horror series (based upon the Konami video game series of the same name) released its fourth and final season last month, that's not the end of the horror story.

The vampiric fun will officially rise from the coffin once again in a brand-new spinoff set in the 18th century — with this new story set against the backdrop of the French Revolution.

If you think about it, the incredibly violent historical event of near-constant beheadings is the perfect place for a vampire to be. The currently-untitled project, which was announced during the final day of Geeked Week, will feature Richter Belmont (the son of Sypha and Trevor) and Maria Renard.

"We've lived with these characters in this part of the Castlevania timeline for the last four or five years — and now, we're gonna be venturing elsewhere in the timeline," said executive producer Kevin Kolde during a virtual Geeked Q&A. "There are great characters to work with and I'm excited to develop them. I'm excited for people to get to see what we do with them."

"It's ditto for me. It's very, very scary," added assistant director Adam Deats. "I'm excited and it is scary because we did a story that has an ending and went somewhere and was final in its own right. But we're gonna keep marching forward and that's always scary because we did it! And now we're gonna do it again? Oh no..."

Director Sam Deats admitted that he's looking forward "to take all of the many lessons that we have learned over the past four or five years and apply them to something new. And hopefully, it won't be quite so damn hard this time around."

Check out the official announcement in the tweets below: