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SYFY WIRE ghosts

First trailer for CBS series 'Ghosts' shows that haunting a B&B can be a comedic, Beetjuice-esque endeavor

By Vanessa Armstrong
Ghosts trailer

There are ghosts living among us, and iZombie’s Rose McIver might even end up seeing them to hilarious effect. That’s the premise of the new CBS single-camera comedy, Ghosts, which dropped its first trailer today.

The show follows Samantha (McIver) and her husband Jay (The Mindy Project’s Utkarsh Ambudkar), a couple who inherit a huge, crumbling country manor and want to turn it into a bed-and-breakfast. The manor is already full of ghostly residents, however, and the thought of the place being full of the living fills them with horror. The non-corporeal work to haunt the manor (ala Beetlejuice), but — at least in the trailer — they don’t seem to be that skilled in doing so.

Check out their efforts in the trailer below:

Ghosts Official Trailer | New Series This Fall | Thursdays 9pm | CBS

Who knew ghosts besides Beetlejuice could be so funny (though decidedly less scary)?

McIver’s Samantha might not find them so humorous, however — she’s able to see them after banging her head while falling down a flight of stairs. Hijinks appear to ensue after that, though we’ll have to watch the show to enjoy them in their full glory.

In addition to McIver and Ambudkar, Deadline is reporting that the cast includes Brandon Scott Jones (The Good Place), as Isaac, a snooty 1700s military man; Richie Moriarty (What We Do In The Shadows) as Pete, a scout troop leader who met the unfortunate end of an arrow; Asher Grodman, as a ‘90s bro appropriately named Trevor who seems to have misplaced his pants; Rebecca Wisocky (Star Trek: Picard) as a proper woman from the 1800s who was also the wife of a robber baron; Sheila Carrasco (Jane the Virgin) as Flower, a drug-loving hippie; Danielle Pinnock (Young Sheldon) as Alberta, a Prohibition-era lounge singer; Román Zaragoza as Sasappis, a sarcastic man from the 1500s; and Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn, a cod-loving Viking explorer from 1009.

No news yet on when Ghosts’ 13-episode first season will premiere on CBS.

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