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SYFY WIRE Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman's final tweet is now the most-liked post in Twitter's history

By Josh Weiss
Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman's final tweet has become the most-liked post in Twitter's history, the website confirmed Saturday. This rather poignant milestone mirrors a similar development in March 2018 when Black Panther became the most tweeted-about film ever.

The acclaimed Black Panther star tragically passed away Friday at the age of 43 after a four-year battle with colon cancer. The heartbreaking news was confirmed by Boseman's family via his Twitter account; the tweet currently has over 6 million likes and 3 million re-tweets. According to Variety, the previous record was held by former U.S. President Barack Obama, who garnered 4 million likes and over 1 million re-tweets with a post against bigotry in 2017. President Obama was just one of the high-profile individuals to honor Boseman on social media after the world learned of the actor's untimely death.

"Fans are coming together on Twitter to celebrate the life of Chadwick Boseman, and the tweet sent from his account last night is now the most liked tweet of all time on Twitter," the company said in a statement published by Variety. Twitter went on to reveal that it was bringing back the Black Panther emoji for fans, who were taking part in a communal watch party of the Marvel Studios film. By using the hashtags of #BlackPanther and #WakandaForever, users can "watch and talk about his legacy together," the company added.

Political strategist and writer Maya Rupert hosted the Twitter watch party, which took place last night. Plenty of eye-opening insights and observations about the groundbreaking project (directed and co-written by Ryan Coogler) can be viewed on her page.

Before the virtual event took place, some users called out Disney and Marvel Studios, suggesting that they make the movie free on Disney+ for one evening, "so that kids & adults around the world can watch Chadwick Boseman in his glory." This didn't end up happening, although author Frederick Joseph offered to purchase the film for 20 households in honor of the late actor's memory.

Twitter users (like comic book artist Bill Sienkiewicz) have also been posting a steady stream of artwork and cosplay photos. Both TBS and ABC are paying tribute to Boseman's memory with televised specials and/or marathons today.