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Daisy Ridley looks back on being 'confused' ahead of Chaos Walking reshoots in exclusive clip from home video release

By Josh Weiss
Daisy Ridley Chaos Walking

In addition to being the film's title, Chaos Walking could also be used to describe the project's troubled road to the big screen, which involved several rounds of reshoots. Instead of ignoring this completely, Lionsgate actually addresses the production woes in a behind-the-scenes featurette contained on the movie's home video release.

SYFY WIRE is excited to debut an exclusive clip from the featurette — entitled "The Source of Silence" — in which Daisy Ridley (Viola) explains how the added scenes helped bring the story (based on the series of sci-fi novels by Patrick Ness) into better focus. 

"I spent a lot of the time feeling confused as to what was going on," Ridley admits about principal photography. "I think the additional photography was actually really helpful because I think everyone had had a chance to figure out how the relationship [between Viola and Tom Holland's Todd] was really gonna work."

Check it out:

Directed by Doug Liman (Jumper, Edge of Tomorrow), Chaos Walking unfolds on another planet solely inahbited by a society of men, whose thoughts are on constant display for all to see (a phenomenon known as "Noise"). It's an incredibly unique concept that could have gone very wrong in the hands of another writer, had Ness not been asked to pen the screenplay alongside Christopher Ford.

Chatting with SYFY WIRE earlier this year, the author admitted he was pleased with how the "Noise" was portrayed onscreen.

"There's a scene, it's just a short scene where Daisy Ridley is walking up a hill and Tom Holland is behind her," he said. "And he's thinking grumpy thoughts, and they're just flying off the back of his head into the camera. That, to me, is perfect. It shows how messy a thought is, how ephemeral thought can be."

The home video specs across all platforms are as follows:

  • Audio Commentary with Director Doug Liman, Producer Alison Winter and Editor Doc Crotzer
  • “A Director’s Noise” Featurette
  • “Inner Thoughts with Patrick Ness” Featurette
  • “The Source of Silence” Featurette
  • “Citizens of Prentisstown” Featurette
  • “Establishing Shot with Ben Seresin” Featurette (4K Exclusive)
  • “The Music of Chaos Walking” Featurettes
  • Deleted Scenes with Optional Audio Commentary

Here's the box art:

Chaos Walking home video box art

After several delays, Chaos Walking finally arrived in theaters in March of this year. To date, the movie has brought in a little over $21 million at the global box office. Mads Mikkelsen, Demián Bichir, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Jonas, and David Oyelowo co-star.

Chaos Walking arrives on digital platforms tomorrow (Friday, May 14). The Blu-Ray, DVD, and 4K Ultra HD copies of the film go on sale Tuesday, May 25. Pricing is as follows: $14.99 (Digital 4K Ultra HD) to $42.99 (4K Ultra HD Combo Pack), Blu-ray Combo Pack ($39.99), and $29.95 (DVD)