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SYFY WIRE Daredevil

Charlie Cox speculates if his Daredevil were to join the MCU, ‘it would be the upgraded version’

Now, if only Disney+ would give us a bit more of the Man Without Fear.

By James Comtois

Since the Marvel Netflix shows were unceremoniously canceled back in 2018, fans have speculated whether we could eventually see the likes of Matt Murdock’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones or Luke Cage join the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or at least, have their shows revived on Disney+ for new seasons). And with the MCU expanding its reach to include characters from other continuities (thanks to Doctor Strange opening up the multiverse in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home), perhaps the time is right for these characters to be brought back into the fold in some way or another.

Well, the man who brought Daredevil to life has recently chimed in on the topic, and he surmises that, were it to happen, it likely wouldn’t be the same character from the series — even if he were to reprise the role. Speaking with Jessica Shaw on the SiriusXM show The Pop Culture Spotlight, Daredevil star Charlie Cox discussed what it would look like if the Man Without Fear joined the MCU — and how it would play out if he were to reprise the role.

Now, Cox makes it clear that he has not been approached by the powers that be at Marvel Studios to don the red mask. As he insists, this is “all speculation.” (He's already denied rumors that he's in the upcoming Spidey film.)

Regardless of who would play the guardian of Hell’s Kitchen, Cox said he suspects that Matt Murdock/Daredevil wouldn’t be the exact same character fans know from the Netflix series — even if he took on the role. 

“I imagine it would be kind of like, the upgraded version, or something like that,” Cox told the radio show host. “If there was an opportunity for me to come back as Daredevil, however that would look like, I imagine it would be a reimagining of the character and the show. “So, if they choose me to do it, there are going to be some elements that are of course the same.”

But Cox also noted that if Daredevil were to appear in future Marvel movies, “they might choose someone else and reboot it all over again ... and just do what they’ve done with Spider-Man over and over again, which is [to] recast it and start from the beginning.” 

Although it’s strongly implied that the characters from the Netflix shows were part of the MCU’s continuity (Tony Stark is name-dropped in a couple episodes, and Hell’s Kitchen is in disarray due to the attack on New York from The Avengers), they were essentially their own thing, run by a different creative division with none of the Avengers making appearances in the shows. 

Cox added that, even “If nothing ever happens going forward, we’ve got three great seasons of television, and we haven’t ruined it,” which can sometimes be the best fans can hope for. 

“You’ve got to be careful what you wish for,” said Cox. “You come back and it’s not as good or it doesn’t quite work or it’s too much time has passed. It doesn’t quite come together in the same way. You don’t want to taint what you’ve already got. I for one am tremendously proud and grateful for what we have.”