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Chip 'n Dale make a comeback in full trailer for 'Roger Rabbit'-esque 'Rescue Rangers' film

The poster would like to remind you: It's not a reboot.

By Matthew Jackson
Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Poster

The adorable chipmunks known as Chip and Dale remain among the most enduring Disney animated characters, from their start in cartoon shorts dating back to the 1940s to their beloved 1989 animated series with the theme song that's probably still stuck in your head. It feels like it's about time for the duo to get a new adventure or two, and now their long-awaited Disney+ movie is finally almost here.

Titled simply Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers, the new film takes a decidedly meta approach to the story of the chipmunk brothers. It begins with the duo broken up after the cancellation of their original Rescue Rangers series, with Dale (Andy Samberg) still on the road doing convention appearances while Chip (John Mulaney) has settled into a quiet life away from fame. But when a mysterious adversary starts taking out other cartoon characters, the only thing that might put a stop to the crimes is a Rescue Rangers comeback. 

Check out the Roger Rabbit-esque trailer below, and be on the lookout for more than a few cameos and nods in the direction of recent animated movie history.

Originally announced during Disney's massive new project presentation in December of 2020, the original lure of the new Rescue Rangers movie was the simple prospect of hearing beloved comedians Mulaney and Samberg taking on the voices of the characters. Now that the film is almost here and we can see more of what director Akiva Schaffer (one of Samberg's longtime Lonely Island collaborators) has in store for us, there's plenty more to get excited about.

From throwaway lines about how Dale got "the CGI surgery" while Chip didn't, to a washed up Peter Pan voiced by Will Arnett, to the idea of these two characters basically jumping into full-on action movie mode alongside The Old Guard star Kiki Layne, this feels like an absolutely wild ride that will pick apart the state of modern animation while also giving us a family friendly streaming adventure just in time for the Memorial Day holiday. 

Speaking of action movie mode, check out the new poster for the film below, which arrived alongside the trailer.

Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers Poster

Chip 'N Dale: Rescue Rangers arrives on Disney+ May 20. 

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