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Chosen One of the Day: A high af Melanie Scrofano in Ready or Not

By Carly Lane
Ready or Not

We at SYFY FANGRRLS have made no secret of our love for the movie Ready or Not, a smart horror flick that dropped late this summer and pairs comedy and spoopy thrills with its lead, Samara Weaving, looking like the ultimate bride you don't want to cross after a game of Hide and Seek with her new in-laws turns deadly.

But the Le Domas family, who established their impressive fortune via board games, is a cast of wacky characters all on their own. There's Aunt Helene (Nicky Guadagni), whose surprise skills with a battleaxe are as legendary as her ability to give anyone she deems lacking total stinkface. There's the disillusioned Daniel (Adam Brody, in a role that definitely served to leave us questioning whether, in fact, a douchebro could Get It).

But the breakout star of my screening — and likely yours too — was none other than our very own Girl on TopWynonna Earp herself, Melanie Scrofano as Emilie, a character who brought a certain, shall we say, intense energy to a game that was pretty wild already, what with the whole life-and-death stakes and all.

In other words, girl was coked out of her MIND the entire time and we kinda love her for it.

There are plenty of laughs in this film already, but it's no exaggeration to say that Scrofano got some of the loudest and best of all. From sneaking off to do a quick bump to inadvertently shooting a maid to sneaking off to do another line to inadvertently shooting another maid through the throat with a crossbow, Emilie was just playing this game the only way she knew how to: high AF.

ready or not emilie

Honestly, big mood™.

Sure, Ready or Not is a fabulous horror flick, period, but anything that educates the masses on Scrofano's equally killer comedic chops deserves all the awards thrown at it.