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Chosen One of the Day: Aquaman and Mera in casual resort-wear

By Stephanie Williams

Aquaman is a turducken of a film. It goes from romance to drama to thriller to horror to fantastical adventure and so on. With many genres packed into one comic book movie, it makes for some choice outfits for both Arthur and Mera. When Aquaman turns into a mashup of Sahara and Indiana Jones, the pair get into the comfiest linens right off the hanger of the nearest Atlantean K&G Fashion Superstore.

Yes, Arthur and Mera are dressed like Steve Harvey on a Tom Joyner Fantastic Cruise. We took a survey and 74 highborn Atlanteans agreed linen is their go-to fabric when they decide to vacation on land. Linen is light and has the range for all kinds of activities. One could wear these pieces while doing the Electric Slide at a family function, or while searching for the Trident of Atlan. If you need to catch a breeze in hot, unforgiving climates, linen is your girl. Plus, it's pretty flattering to the wearer. Arthur and Mera look great. The only thing missing from their outfits are a couple of wine coolers. They really do look like your cute matchy-match aunt and uncle.


Seriously, if the state of the world hadn’t depended on them playing archaeologist for 40 minutes, Aquaman could have fit one more genre in its already jam-packed 143 minutes. Those linen outfits deserved a Tyler Perry-like family cookout. With the way Aquaman ends, maybe when Orm gets out of fish jail, they can all throw him a linen-fueled barbeque welcome home party.


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