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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Aunt Helene from Ready or Not

By Courtney Enlow

In the film Ready or Not, Samara Weaving's Grace marries into an ... unconventional family. Or perhaps they're actually super conventional — look, I'm not rich. This might actually be your standard rich-people wedding stuff. The wealthy members of the Le Domas Gaming Dynasty Empire Dominion include the over-it Daniel (Adam Brody), the prodigal Alex (Mark O'Brien), and the coked-af Emilie (our precious Wynonna Earp herself, Melanie Scrofano), among others, but of the older born-in generation, my personal favorite is Aunt Helene (Nicky Guadagni).

I mean, look at her. Look at her skill with a battleaxe.


Thirty years ago, Aunt Helene's own wedding night was subject to a fairly eventful game of hide-and-seek. Is she bitter? Angry? Yes, definitely, all these things, but not because of that, this is just who she is as a person. In fact, she's more committed to that supernatural murdergame life more than ever. 

Also, she has boundary issues. If you marry into the Le Domas Dynasty Empire Dominion murder party, Aunt Helene might try and watch you bang. That's just how she do.

We love you, Aunt Helene, you perfect weirdo. Hail Helene.