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Chosen One of the Day: Box, the sociopathic robot from Logan's Run

By Stephanie Williams

One would think, since the Logan’s Run movie opens with people being killed in the most fantastical way possible, it would mean nothing  after those scenes could be surprising.


About midway through the movie as the lead characters, Logan 5 and Jessica, get closer to freedom, they encounter a frozen cave adorned with popsicle humans. There they find a robot named Box who was uploaded with the nightmare version of the Mr. Belvedere protocol.


Credit: MGM

Box looks like something put together for a science fair at the very last minute. It’s as tall as Shaquille O’Neal and has car wash vacuum cleaner inspired arms with a head that still manages to somehow look like an older Patrick Stewart. Box was programmed to capture food from the outside world to feed the city, Sanctuary, but there is a plot twist. Those human popsicles aren’t there for decoration. Box began capturing runners and freezing them for food after the main food sources ran out. It doesn’t help that the robot’s voice has a Hannibal Lecter quality to it sending Box to the top 10 of terrifying dystopian artificial intelligence. 


After the horrifying reveal, Box comes out of nowhere with vacuum cleaner arms equipped with weapons and a maniacal laugh straight from hell. All of a sudden, renewal doesn't seem that bad in comparison. Box makes taking a ride on the Carousel seems like the better way to go out in this disappointing but not surprising cannibalistic dystopian future. Maybe people under 30 taste better, but we'd have to ask Chris Evans for confirmation.