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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Brie Larson, fashion icon

By Courtney Enlow

Today is the birthday of Brie Larson, our queen, our captain. And I only know one adequate way to celebrate. 

I have glimpsed Brie Larson's future and all I can say is...go back. Like the other Cap, I could do this all day — "this" here meaning scrolling through pages and pages of Brie Larson's tween fashion. You are about to experience some true early aughts sartorial art (as opposed to our other Baby Brie fashion throwback which is true early aughts pop punk sartorial art and it is a testament to Larson's youthful commitment to fashion Sparkle Motion that there is zero crossover between these posts). Please, take precautions — your hearts are about to be stolen.

These are among the oldest image of Brie Larson available on Getty Images and right out the gate, this was some star sh*t.


THAT COAT. THAT BELT. THOSE STRAIGHTENED BANGS AND CHOKER. Early 2000s hair goals were flatter, lower, longer, baby. 


The other thing about the early 2000s was that all the skirts were two inches long and made of jersey fabric always in danger of rising up, the shirts were way too short for human tosos, and the kitten heels were even SHORTER. That's why Brie looks so proud of those pink shoes, I mean, who wouldn't be?


The jeans at the time were so low-rise that the best option for tops were at the other end of the shirt spectrum, which was "basically a really short dress" and you would wear these tiny dresses over pants. If you were extra fancy you'd combine all the looks and do tiny shirt + tiny skirt + OVER JEANS. What a weird time. What a wonderful time. Speaking of jeans...


BRIANNE. GIRL. YES TO ALL OF IT. Yes to your crunchy bangs. Yes to your belts and boots. Yes to that weird two-zippered sweater we all had in 2002 that was, like, why. Why did we need adjustable zips? I DON'T KNOW BUT WE DID.


But when my children ask me of the before time, the long long ago, I will show them these three images that best sum up the fashion scene. Choker, yes. Jumpsuit but fashion, yes. Tube dress with wedges, yes. THAT MIDDLE HAIRSTYLE, YES. Camo pants, yes. Trucker hats, YES, BRING THEM BACK, GET ASHTON KUTCHER ON THE PHONE.  Happy birthday, Brie. O captain our fashion captain!