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Chosen One of the Day: Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle

By Preeti Chhibber
calcifer howl's moving castle

Home is where the hearth is, and if that hearth is inhabited by a tiny, saucy fire demon who makes possibly the most delicious looking breakfast in all of animation, then home is doubly where the hearth is. 

In Howl’s Moving Castle, the Studio Ghibli movie very loosely based on Dianna Wynne Jones’ novel of the same name, Calcifer is a fire demon with a mysterious connection to Howl. You might call them frenemies for part of the film, but he loves his ole, angsty wizard pal. And you know what? We love Calcifer! 

Calcifer Howl's Moving Castle 2

Whether he’s being voiced in English by Billy Crystal or in Japanese by Tatsuya Gashuin he is a loud, excitable, adorable lil' dude who all but melts his way into our hearts. When he first meets Sophie, he immediately tries to set up a deal with her behind Howl’s back to help her break her own curse — and while this sounds serious, ol’ Cal never truly goes against Howl. It’s because of him that the castle moves at all, and it’s because of him that both Howl and Sophie are saved at various points in the movie.

Calcifer’s all heat with no burn. He’s just a scamp! And he’s SO DANG CUTE. I love your spark, buddy! 

calcifer howl's moving castle

Anyway, where can I get some of that bacon?