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Chosen One of the Day: Cloud Strife, dancer extraordinaire

By Preeti Chhibber
Cloud Strife dance Final Fantasy Reboot

We’ve talked a lot about Cloud Strife in the Final Fantasy VII remake, his handsomeness, his awkward flirting — but today, it’s all about his dance skills.

In Chapter 9 of the remake, Cloud and Aerith are attempting to help Tifa while she’s  — you know what, it doesn’t matter. This whole sequence is incredible and absurd. Cloud needs to get into a building, and for that he needs an invite, and the only way he gets an invite is through THE POWER OF DANCE. (Just go with it.) 

Cloud goes to the Honey Bee club, and what follows is pure mastery worthy of the most iconic Britney video. First, though, you must practice. 

Cloud snaps to bring the rhythm into his blood. 

Cloud Strife Dancing Final Fantasy remake 1

Then he proceeds to battle dance. Look at him. And his sword. 

He gets pulled into the room for the main event, reluctant to show off his talent, clearly. 

Cloud Strife Dancing Final Fantasy remake 2

Turns out his battle dance was misleading! Because when the real test arrives, there is no giant sword on his back. He has no props. Just his moves and his commitment to sparkle motion. 

Look, I already know I referenced Britney Spears, but I am 100% convinced that this is just the “Circus” video. 

Cloud Strife Dancing Final Fantasy remake 3

So, there is bombastic introduction and then it is time for Cloud to do what he was meant to do:

D (d d d) A (a a a) N (n n n) C (c c c) E 

Cloud Strife Dancing Final Fantasy remake 4
Cloud Strife Dancing Final Fantasy remake 5

It is like a 10-minute perfect dance sequence worthy of the strongest judge reactions on So You Think You Can Dance — I can hear Mary Murphy’s Choo Choo from here. Look at that partner work! 

Cloud Strife Dancing Final Fantasy remake 6

Honestly, if the world is what it is right now, I think we can all agree that casting Cloud on a digital version of any of those dance competitions is a good idea. Square Enix, call me.