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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Dr. Mario

By Stephanie Williams

In 1990 the world was introduced to Dr. Mario, an action puzzle game starring none other than Mario. In the game, Dr. Mario and his nurse Toadstool fight off multi-colored viruses after an experiment went wrong. Thanks to his invention, the Megavitamin, the kingdom is saved from what could have very well been a devastating outbreak of fever, chill, and weird. Since the incident, Dr. Mario has been slinging Megavitamins throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond.

Mario essentially obtained his honorary MD-PhD just so he could flex on the rest of the kingdom. He carved out his own space in the Mushroom Kingdom pharmaceutical industry while still holding the majority of its plumbing contracts. Dr. Mario secures all the bags, a true renaissance man. Living in a kingdom constantly under attack by Bowser isn’t cheap. Infrastructure improvement is constantly on the docket and insurance is through the roof. Plus traveling from castles to rescue Princess Peach gets costly as well and there is only so much Toadstool can write off for Mario on his taxes.


Like all of Mario’s personas, Dr. Mario dresses the part. His signature look consists of bootcut jeans, brunch boots, a head mirror, tie, lab coat, and a stethoscope. If you’re pushing Megavitamins you have to dress like a doctor who is always ready for his standing weekly golfing session at any moment. Also, there is a good chance that Mario is just wearing his plumbing coveralls under the lab coat and is ready for a plumbing emergency. Either way, Dr. Mario is ready for whatever.