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The ‘Super Mario Brothers’ Easter egg is still on Google - here’s how to find it

Mario coins and a 1up extra life…all in just a few clicks!

By Benjamin Bullard

If you’re searching for that extra bit of bounce to bump the hype even higher for the April 5 premiere of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Google has just the search you need — literally.

As part of the service’s fun 2015 nod to the 30th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros. game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Google placed an easy-to-find Easter egg commemorating the game for anyone who knows the magic search words. Years later, the feature’s amazingly still there, and finding it’s simply a matter of knowing where to look.

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Next time you’ve got Google pulled up on your desktop PC or Mac (for mobile direction, see below), just do a search for “Super Mario Brothers” (not “Bros.” but “Brothers” — the whole word). When the results screen comes up, glance over to the right, where the search engine’s “Knowledge Panel” appears (You know, it’s that context-sensitive side slab of info that Google compiles about commonly searched-for terms).

Now: Look at the top search feature (currently, it’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie, of course), and just to the side, you’ll see a familiar little coin block icon, flashing away with a question-mark symbol — just like it does in the game. The next step should come as naturally as a Mario jump, so just go ahead and click on the block to see what happens.

Yep, you’re collecting coins now! Along with the old-school game’s familiar Mario “ding,” you’re earning hard Mushroom Kingdom currency with every bounce. It pays to keep clicking, too: Bopping the block 100 times in a search session will elicit another classic Nintendo sound: the sweet, sweet chime of Mario earning a 1up extra mushroom.

If you’re on a mobile device, no worries: The Easter egg still works, and it’s even easier to access than on a desktop. Just perform the same search and then look right at the top of the screen. Up on the right, the coin block is the first thing you’ll see.

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Coins are an especially hot box office topic right now, with The Super Mario Bros. Movie reportedly poised to scoop up an anticipated $85 - $90 million at the U.S. box office when it debuts ahead of the extended Easter holiday weekend. If that happens, it’ll run rings even around Sonic; SEGA’s speedy blue hero holds the current game-adapted movie title for the biggest-ever North American debut, having raced to a $72 million box office when Sonic The Hedgehog 2 arrived in theaters a year ago.

Once you’re done with the Easter egg fun, it’s time to get as serious as a Donkey Kong scowl and grab tickets to Mario and Luigi’s big Bowser showdown. The Super Mario Bros. Movie bounds onto big screens everywhere beginning April 5, with tickets available via Universal Pictures’ one-stop Mario movie landing page, as well as at Fandango.