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SYFY WIRE Stranger Things

Chosen One of the Day: Eleven, Max and Stranger Things' ode to the Glamour Shots era

By Courtney Enlow

When we last saw our teen sheroes of Stranger Things, things were icy at best. Eleven was jealous of the newest member of the gang, Max, and the perceived attention of Eleven's waffle bae Mike. We were...not cool with it.

BUT. As we near Season 3, we gleefully await the show's efforts to rectify the girl-on-girl crimes of Season 2. In the Stranger Things 3 trailer, we see Max and Eleven going full besties, wearing scrunchies, going to the mall, and, above all else, living their best Barbizon lives with a trip to the pinnacle of '80s elegance, Glamour Shots.


The backdrop. The fascinators. The taffeta. The gloves. The pose. THE OPULENCE. There are plenty of things to be excited for this coming season: teen angst, Cary Elwes, Steve in a sailor suit. But for my money ($79.95 for a complete makeover and session fee in today dollars because, yes, Glamour Shots still exists) nothing can possibly compare to this one shining — seriously, everything is so shiny — moment.

Duffer Brothers, we forgive you for everything. Whatever comes next, this scene alone, truly, is bitchin'.