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Chosen One of the Day: Lucy, Detective Pikachu's queen of athleisure

By Clare McBride
Detective Pikachu

Like a lot of trainers in the original Pokémon games, Detective Pikachu’s aspiring reporter Lucy Stevens has a unique sense of style. Her piped baby blue blazer, sassy baby-sized scarf, and sunglasses at night are pitch perfect for the colorful noir setting of Ryme City, even if some people, like the rich jerk who owns the network she interns for, don’t get it.

But when it comes time to get her hands dirty in the pursuit of truth, Lucy doesn’t hesitate to toss on a Uniqlo thermal turtleneck, black baseball cap, and joggers to boost her Speed and Special Defense stats. Oh, and don’t forget the reverse baby Bjorn (“aren’t those just called backpacks, Clare?”) for her beloved Psyduck. Remember: Psyducks are 40 pounds, so that is quite a workout. Tim’s getting off easy with a 10-pound Pikachu here!

It’s an outfit that’s very reminiscent of the clothes your avatar can wear in Pokémon Go; specifically, the burgundy athletic romper (IT’S A THING!) and cropped jacket paired with black tights that is the default outfit for all female avatars. Even the high pony with bangs stuffed into a baseball cap is a look directly from the game (in that it is the only hairstyle option even if you want to throw money at it). It isn’t a direct copy—Lucy wears boots, not sneakers, and her jacket looks like something you can buy at REI right now.

It’s both a great callback to Pokémon Go, whose popularity heralded our current Pokénaissance, and a cute and practical adventuring outfit at a time when a lot of our silver screen superheroines wear wedge heels to fights. I foresee a lot of comfortable and chic cosplay of Lucy in our future.