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Chosen One of the Day: Lydia Deetz and her spectacular bangs

By Courtney Enlow

As we emerge (some of us — I for one will stay indoors until at least 2040 or whenever the next Avatar movie is released, whichever comes first [2040, 2040 will come first]) from the quarantimes, the braver and bolder among us emerge with DIY-ed hair to varying degrees of success. The most common female experience, generally speaking, not merely in quarantine, is this: I should get bangs. And we've seen the shelter-in-place-bangs and the damage done. While some of us likely fell into the terrifying Gale Weathers in Scream 2 category, real ones went with the true queen of genre bangs: Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder).

In Beetlejuice, Lydia Deetz is our baby goth tether to reality (or, at least reality via Tim Burton). Her clothes are dark. Her hair is dark. Her life is one big dark room. But her bangs are the cracks letting in the light of her ghost friends. Gelled for the gods, pointy as her wit, Edward Scissorhands WISHES he had the dexterity for such perfection.

Of course toward the end when we see her bangs in their natural un-LA Looksed state, we see their true and shocking form:


See if Gale had just adequately shellacked her bangs, we wouldn't have had any issue, would we?

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