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Chosen One of the Day: Nancy from Enchanted

By Courtney Enlow

It's been 13 years and I still have Big Feelings about this so BUCKLE UP, BUTTERCUPS.

The 2007 film Enchanted is an utterly charming and adorable subversion of Disney movies from Disney itself. Starring Amy Adams, a literal Disney princess, as Giselle searching for her Prince Edward (played by James Marsden, a literal Disney prince), Enchanted starts in the 2-D animated world of helpful animals and instant weddings-at-first-sight. But Susan Sarandon curses Giselle to live in the real live-action world. Hilarity ensues. She meets Robert (Patrick Dempsey) and his daughter and stays with them at their apartment, like anyone would with a potentially delusional person in a giant wet gown. Robert has a girlfriend. Like a female Bill Pullman waltzing in, totally likable with no major issues other than saying "kick it" while the daughter recoils in abject disgust, the future is not looking bright for Nancy.


"Kick what?" CHILD, be nice. It's not like she kicked you

Nancy is a totally friendly, understanding career woman who believes her boyfriend when he tells her nothing happened with the redhead who just stepped out of his shower. She is thrilled when he sends her flowers and doves (JK GISELLE DID IT, ROBERT IS USELESS) and invites her to a ball (ALSO GISELLE — NANCY AND GISELLE SHOULD JUST RUN OFF TOGETHER) only to have her precious heart destroyed when he spends the whole event staring at Giselle. Like, she obviously had to do some serious Rent the Renaissance Runway to get this serious GOWN and you can't even look her way? ROBERT. I'm glad Shonda killed you off. Trash.

And then! When Giselle has been poisoned by Evil Susan, only true love's kiss can save her — and it is NANCY who tells Robert to just lay his lips on the girl already. NANCY. YOU ANGEL. In the end, Nancy gets to run off and marry Edward which, seriously, WHO WOULDN'T want to run off with James Marsden? She gets the biggest win of the movie, tbh. But the biggest insult of the entire Nancy storyline, nay I say, the entire FILM?  They cast Idina godd*mn Menzel and did. not. let. her sing. A duet between Menzel and Marsden was cut out of the film. WHY. BECAUSE YOU HATE US, DISNEY?

The only possible contrition they could provide was to make her the most powerful queen in all of Disney and decidedly one who will have no issues with dudes ever again. So. Double win for Nancy. 

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