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Chosen One of the Day: Nancy's gray streak in Nightmare on Elm Street

By Courtney Enlow

In these quarantimes, some of us are missing our access to salons and professional hair care and it SHOWS. I've got more grays that a Macy Gray family reunion (that's not actually her real name but apparently there aren't a ton of famous people with the last name Gray, look, just let my stupid joke work please, gawd). But I'm choosing to embrace the silver fox within me and I was inspired to do so at a young age by Final Girl extraordinaire Nancy Thompson.

Over the course of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Nancy's hair goes from '80s brown waves to sleepy nest of fear-induced salt and pepper realness. Is that actually possible for one's hair to turn white with fright? Literally no. That's not a thing. But DAMN if Nancy doesn't own it. She owns it so hard she keeps this lewk in Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. She's 22, she's dignified, she's got the silvery sheen of a well-polished spoon, and she's ready to face down her demonic tormentor with a head full of bad dreams and voluminous curls. 

Nancy is a hero. A follicular hero.