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Chosen One of the Day: Samantha, the real star of Frozen 2

By Courtney Enlow

As a card-carrying Mom seven years running, I saw Frozen 2 last week at a 1pm matinee having spent $7 on a Wild Cherry Icee my kid had no intention of drinking. I fully expected a delightful film with excellent music, awesome sheroes, and at least one character who is definitely probably super queer. What I did not expect was a gloriously anti-colonialist and decidedly dark flick that features Kristoff singing an '80s ballad replete with reindeer in full "Bohemian Rhapsody" video positions, and I really didn't expect that my favorite moment of the entire film would come courtesy of Josh Gad's Olaf, a character so grating he would come in handy prepping cheese for quesadillas. 

I stan my amazing sisterqueens Anna and Elsa but I am deeply invested in this Samantha, she who apparently has the power to make holes appear and exists in Olaf's developing pubescent subconscious. Who perhaps was created in Olaf's snowy brain as a third lady for this crew of royal sisters, boyfriend, reindeer, and snow man (your classic Breakfast Club structure). 

That or Olaf fancies himself the Samantha of the group. Anna is the Charlotte, Elsa is the Miranda and the Carrie is...Sven I guess, I don't know, I lost the thread pretty quickly here.