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SYFY WIRE The Mandalorian

Chosen One of the Day: That dock worker’s fresh knit in The Mandalorian

By Preeti Chhibber
Mon Calamari sweater The Mandalorian

If there’s one thing The Mandalorian does well (beyond our sweet widdle Yiddle Yoddle, obviously), it’s that the show endears us to the most random of bit players — ahem, Dr. Mandible, anyone?  — and last week’s episode was no different. 

Mando crash lands onto an estuary moon called Trask, and we see a Mon Calamari dock worker watching his disaster entry with hands on their hips and something akin to resignation on their face. But that’s besides the point. Look at this sick-ass knitwear the Mon Calamari is wearing. 

Chris Evans' Knives Out Sweater Who, am I right? 

In a lovely shade of what I will call dark peacock, it offsets the red and brown undertones of their skin  wonderfully. It works as they take on the very daunting prospect of fixing what is clearly a ship that should just be thrown into a sarlacc’s pit, and it works as Mando is disappointed in the (let’s be real, truly incredible) repair work that our Mon Calamari friend was able to do under such short notice! 

(An aside to add that I look up "Mon Calamari" every single time I type it because it cannot be true that this entire species is named after a delicious appetizer. But it is very much true.) 

The sweater just looks like it’s a security blanket, but also like it’s a seal of authority, somehow? Look how it works perfect as they survey the scene while Mando climbs back onto his fish-wrapped ship.

Mon Calamari sweater The Mandalorian 2

Hands on hips? Works. Arms crossed? Works. 

It’s a trap? Nah, man, it’s a gift-wrap for me, because the holidays are just around the corner.