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Chosen One of the Day: That time Chris O’Dowd forgot he was in the MCU

By Preeti Chhibber
Chris O'Dowd forgot 2

I know that 2020 has hit a lot of us hard, and so our brains are not necessarily equipped to, uh, remember things. But way before then, way back in 2019, actor Chris O’Dowd had no such excuses when he straight up forgot he was in the second Thor movie.

I get it, there are now eight hundred movies in the MCU, and sometimes, it’s hard to keep it straight. It’s possible that with Marvel’s intensive need for secrecy, they didn’t even tell O’Dowd what movie he was in, so it’s honestly forgivable that he thought he was in a movie called “Thor-ier.” 

(Perhaps I would have enjoyed Age of Ultron more if its tagline was, in fact, “This time things are Thor-ny”). 

Me, whenever anyone asks me about anything, ever: 

Chris O'Dowd forgot 1

Basically, I feel very seen by this 57-second clip in which O'Dowd forgets the existence of things he actually did in real life and I thought we should celebrate a Celebrity Being Real. 

Here’s to Richard Madison from Madison who I would very much like to see appear in The Eternals as — surprise — one of The Eternals! Turns out Richard was an alien-celestial-created superbeing all along!*

*This is not true, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was.