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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: The dude who insists upon being shirtless in The Babysitter

By Courtney Enlow

The Babysitter is a delightful horror-comedy starring Samara Weaving, an actress who has most decidedly carved out a spectacular niche in this specific kind of film. Weaving plays Bee, a high school student who babysits 12-year-old Cole. She's his absolute dream girl — everyone's dream girl, tbh. Hot, funny, willing to kick an ass or two to protect her charge, and a nerd with a deep knowledge of sci-fi. 

She's also leading a human sacrifice cult and committed murder in Cole's living room while he was presumed asleep, stabbing poor nerdy Samuel right in the skull with two (TWO!) giant knives. In the words of Colonel Mustard, that's what we call overkill.

She and her hodge-podge coven of evil high schoolers include an assortment of Breakfast Club archetypes. The weirdo art kid, the cheerleader, the jock, and the white jock as played by Robbie Amell. Who refuses to keep his shirt on. The blood comes out, his shirt pops off.

Cole, who's just witnessed a gruesome murder has only one question when he awakens surrounded by teens with an ax to grind:


The cheerleader (Bella Thorne) has answers: "I mean, just look at him." Cole: "I still don't get it." Same, Cole, same.

Poor Cole thought he was going to witness an orgy. Instead, he gets a big murder and some douche blastin' nip all over his family room.