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Chosen One of the Day: The impeccably dressed dealer in Casino Royale

By Clare McBride
bond casino royale dealer vest

If the James Bond franchise is known for anything, it’s style. While the inevitable and cruel (please imagine me saying “cruel” the most pretentious way I know how, which is very) passage of time renders other franchises’ style laughable, Bond somehow manages to stay the course through fancy watches, stunning gowns, sleek cars, and locales so tony it’ll make your head spin. Places such as the fictitious Casino Royale, located in scenic Montenegro, where the climactic poker scenes of the eponymous film take place.

And also where the dealers wear little black vests with playing cards on them.

Let me be very clear: at an establishment where the dress code usually involves tuxedos, gowns, and mysterious facial scars, the folks running the show are in outfits with more theming than the dealers at the Bellagio. Magicians have less themed outfits. Even Gambit wouldn’t wear something so blatant, and he’s Gambit.

Can you imagine owning and operating a casino so successful and so classy that you could walk into a JoAnn’s Fabrics during I’m going to guess Halloween, demand themed fabric, fashion said fabric into vests, assign said vests as a uniform for your employees, and still have your establishment considered the casino du jour by the criminal underworld? Just thinking of it makes me want to shoot lightning out of my fingertips. Forget the jetsetting, the Bond girls, and the gadgets: having a literally and figuratively bulletproof business is a much more satisfying fantasy.

In a film centered around power moves expressed through the medium of poker, these vests may be the greatest power move of all.