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Chosen One of the Day: Vacation Merlin from Disney’s The Sword in the Stone

By Preeti Chhibber
Merlin Sword in the Stone

Throughout historical lore and fantastical legend, the idea of Merlin has been one of power, of strength, of magic. For much of Disney’s 1963 movie, The Sword in the Stone, he’s much the same. Tall, enrobed with his wizard’s hat, committed to making sure Arthur becomes the One True King. But then there’s this piece of perfection when he comes back from vacation after, uh, plot stuff. He swoops in in a stream of stardust and magic, screeches to a halt, and we are speechless. Gone is the monochrome, stuffy old robe. The ridiculous hat. Now? Now he’s a vision.

Merlin’s already got the hipster-perfect-pointed-'stache, and a clearly conditioned beard, but he’s added: 

Yellow-rimmed sunglasses which I am fairly certain I owned when I was 22. 
Baseball hat.
A casual, but classic striped tee. 
Yellow bermuda shorts.
And I am pretty sure those are red cons.

I mean, Vacation Merlin is hip as hell. Vacation Merlin would use his staff to refill your mojito. Vacation Merlin is definitely down to karaoke. Vacation Merlin is just here to sip party drinks and have a good time, so don’t harsh his buzz, OK.