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SYFY WIRE Chosen One of The Day

Chosen One of the Day: Zoom demons

By Courtney Enlow

There is a demon that haunts our Zoom calls. It is summoned by saying its name: Youreonmute. But there are other demons on Zoom calls as portrayed in the film Host, the best thing to come out of quarantine this side of ... nothing, it's the only good thing.

In Host, a group of friends gathers for a Zoom chat. Haley has selected to do a virtual seance, enlisting a medium and everything. Jemma then RUINS IT by fabricating a ghostly encounter with a made-up dead classmate which lets EFFING DAMN DEMONS into the call. Demons have entered the call! They skipped the waiting room entirely!

After that it's apparently easy enough for the Zoom demon (I'll call him Zoomin' Steve) to enter the homes of the participants and just fully uck with their ish. But Zoomin' Steve provides some valuable lessons, like how those face filter things are DANGEROUS AND WILL KILL YOU and also NO ONE LIKES THEM. Mostly that first thing but I truly cannot overstate the second bit. 


Also, don't make your Zoom background yourself walking around your bedroom unless you are a character in a horror movie designed to make me piss myself. If that's your mission then SUCCESS YOU HAVE FOUND.


Anyway beware all of your work calls because they're filled with demons, have a great day!