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SYFY WIRE Avengers: Endgame

Chris Evans one-ups Star-Lord and shows Thor in a bathrobe in Avengers: Endgame set video

By Benjamin Bullard
Chris Evans as Captain America in Avengers Endgame

It looks like Captain America is getting the last laugh in the race to share some plum secrets from the set of Avengers: Endgame. After all, when your behind-the-scenes video from the Endgame set has Thor loafing around in his bathrobe, we’d say even a spoiler-happy prankster like Chris Pratt probably owes you a drink.

Unlike his fellow Avenger, Chris Evans bided his time until after the Russo brothers’ self-imposed spoiler ban lifted early this week to hit social media with his version of a homemade Endgame set clip. Sure, it may come a full week after Pratt posted his own stealth footage… but at least we finally get to see Thor (Chris Hemsworth) up close without all those body prosthetics:

In fairness, Pratt caught Hemsworth in the distant background in his clip, too (both videos appear to have been shot on the same day), although Evans gets a nice moment of banter in his up-close take with the God of Thunder.  

But still, Evans made sure to oblige the Russos’ request for fans (and the cast too, apparently) not to spoil any part of the box office-shattering movie until after it had enjoyed a full two weekends in theaters. Marvel appears to be having fun with it all, though, featuring more behind-the-scenes clips (including Pratt’s) over on the movie’s official website. 

Less than two weeks into its historic run, Endgame already has surpassed $2 billion at the box office worldwide, setting its sights on James Cameron’s Avatar as the most successful movie of all time. Will it get there? There’s plenty of time, because Avengers: Endgame — complete with plenty of screen time for America’s most famous backside — is still fresh in theaters everywhere.