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Chris Hemsworth had the strangest MCU cameo yet in Loki's penultimate episode

By Matthew Jackson
Thor Avengers: Endgame

Marvel's Disney+ series Loki has been a treasure trove for Easter egg hunters. Whether you're talking about Loki's run as D.B. Cooper or the surprising emergence of the Thanos copter, the streaming series' ability to take the God of Mischief anywhere and anywhen has meant lots of little knowing winks in the direction of viewers.

And as it turns out, Tom Hiddleston isn't the only major MCU star to get in on the fun. 

Speaking to the For All Nerds Views from the 616 podcast over the weekend, Loki director Kate Herron revealed an Easter egg inside an Easter egg when she confirmed that the voice of Throg, the Thunder Frog briefly shown trapped in a jar in the show's most recent episode, was voiced by none other than Chris Hemsworth himself. 


"We recorded him for that," Herron said. "His voice going 'Ahhh!' That's a whole new recording. Not recycled. He recorded that."

In the most recent episode, "Journey Into Mystery," Loki and four other Loki Variants are hanging out in The Void when they head back to Kid Loki's hideout. There, we got a brief glimpse of Throg, a Thor variant who happens to be a frog and a favorite among Marvel Comics devotees, trapped in a glass jar. Since Hemsworth was already back in Thor mode, playing the Thunder God in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, it probably wasn't that tricky to get him to record the role, but we're still grateful to know he took the time.

Plus, last week Loki writer and producer Eric Martin teased that an entire cutaway sequence featuring Loki fighting Throg had been deleted from an earlier episode of the series, so now we can't help but wonder if that cut scene also featured Hemsworth, and if we'll get to see it one day.

Whether we're talking about that beloved Thanos Copter or President Loki, "Journey Into Mystery" was filled with little nods to Marvel Comics history, and the Easter egg hunt isn't over yet. The finale of Loki arrives this Wednesday on Disney+.

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