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No chocolate here: Chris Pratt learns the hard way you can't really eat the 'Mario' gold coins

Here we go! Or not. Watch Pratt learn the hard way you can't really eat the 'Mario' gold coins.

By Gina Salamone
Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023); Chris Pratt

As The Super Mario Bros. Movie continues to rake in record amounts of gold coins at the box office, lead star Chris Pratt got a little overzealous with a real-life coin he got his hands on. The actor, who voices the title character in the hit animated adventure film based on the Nintendo video game series, recently posted an Instagram video that shows what happens when you mistake metal for chocolate.

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"Wahoo!," Pratt yells at the start of the clip, in his best Mario voice. "I told this story before, you may have heard it. I used to take change from the wishing well at the Mexican restaurant near my house to go to the dry cleaner and play The Mario Bros. arcade game. That's of course before we ended up getting a Nintendo Entertainment System in our house and I spent hundreds of hours playing Super Mario Bros.

"It's crazy to think that I'm now the voice of Mario," he continues. "You can see that performance in that movie. ... They sent me, having heard that story, I assume, this Super Mario Bros. Movie official gold coin, which I'm very excited for because I'm actually starving. And I love chocolate."

Watch Chris Pratt bite down on a Super Mario Bros. gold coin:

He then raises the sizable coin to his mouth, attempts to take a bite, and after we hear a loud crunching noise, he drops it to the floor. "That's metal," he says to someone off-camera. "That's not chocolate. Oh no, dude, I think I chipped my tooth, bro."

Mamma Mia! Despite the potentially painful incident, we somehow think Pratt's doing just fine. The actor, who's been building up hype for the film through a series of similarly silly videos, can now say he's starred in the highest-grossing video game adaptation ever made. It earned that honor when it flew passed 2016's Warcraft, which made $438 million around the world.

By comparison, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has already pulled in more than $677 million globally. The flick — from Universal Pictures, Illumination Entertainment and Nintendo — is also the top-grossing movie so far this year.

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