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Zing! The cast of 'Chucky' tells us their favorite killer one-liners from Season 1

If there's one thing Chucky loves more than a good kill, it's a good zinger.

By Jackie Jennings
The Cast of Chucky Recreates Their Favorite Chucky One-Liners

There are lots of famous red-headed comedians. Carrot Top, obviously. Bill Burr, Michelle Wolf, Conan, Kathy Griffin, Joy Behar. Wow, there are actually…kind of a lot. Lucille Ball, Carole Burnett, Julie Klasuner — okay, this might deserve further exploration. But if we're talking red-headed comedy geniuses, don't sleep on the Good Guy doll himself, Chucky, who recently wrapped up his first bloody season on SYFY/USA in Chucky the TV series.

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We know what you’re thinking: “Funniest? Don’t you mean murder-iest?” No! We don’t! Chucky and the entire Child’s Play franchise have always been deeply funny. The entire premise of Child’s Play is inherently (and intentionally) dark, incredibly effective satire. Chucky creator and overall franchise mastermind Don Mancini has described different entries into the Chucky pantheon as “crazy satirical comedy.” He’s cited a desire to satirize advertising aimed at children as a main inspiration for the entire franchise.  

So SYFY WIRE caught up with stars Fiona Dourif (Nica Pierce/Chucky/Charles Lee Ray), Alex Vincent (Andy Barclay) and Christine Elise (Kyle) to look back at the first season of the horror hit and revisit a few of their favorite deadly one-liners and zingers.

Child’s Play is, at its core, satire — and Chucky himself is funny. It’s a doll who drinks and has sex and murders. Which is dark, sure, but it’s also funny as hell. Whether talking about ‘parenting’ or pissed off about a haircut, Chucky serves us comedy gold.

And like any good red-headed comedian, Chucky brings the laughs. You’ve got classics like, “You can’t keep a good guy down” — it works on two levels! He’s a Good Guy doll but also, a bad guy! And you have some recent entries, like the now canonically awesome, “I’m not a monster, Jake.” 

It’s just a fact, Chucky’s one-liners really kill. And we're not the only ones who think so! Get ready for some pretty solid Chucky impressions and some very solid murder jokes from the cast.

Watch the video for some comedy that really slays.

The Cast of Chucky Recreates Their Favorite Chucky One-Liners

A second season of Chucky is already in the works. You can watch the entirety of Season 1 now on Peacock.