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Recap: Chucky's kill list grows as he goes full Child's Play homage in Chucky Episode 6

Chucky hunting skills come with age and experience, which our young heroes learn the hard way in Chucky Ep. 6.

By Caitlin Busch

Sibling bonds are forever, especially when those siblings have battled a serial killer and lived to tell the tale. Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) and Kyle (Christine Elise) — who first teamed up in 1990’s Child’s Play 2 — are back in Episode 6 of SYFY & USA’s Chucky, “Cape Queer.” They’re hot on Chucky’s trail, disguised as census workers as they hunt down the various shards of Chucky’s soul running around in a cults’-worth of Good Guy dolls after the events of Cult of Chucky (2017). 

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(Want the lowdown on Cult of Chucky? Check out our Everything You Didn’t Know episode about the seventh film in the Child’s Play franchise.)

It seems they’ve got their Chucky hunting skills on lock, too. Their latest mark calls himself “Charlie,” and upon realizing that it’s Andy who’s after him, he pulls a knife and moves to stab the little girl (and probably her parents too) he’s been hiding out with. That won’t be happening if Andy and Kyle have anything to say about it, though. Andy pulls his gun and shoots “Charlie” through the head, splattering blood across the room. “Fuck you, Andy!” Chucky screams just before the siblings unload their clips. The poor family huddles together in fear, probably just as alarmed about the crazy people shooting a doll in their house as they are about the blood and viscera pouring from said doll.

If that doesn’t kill Chucky, nothing will.

Andy and Kyle drive away and talk about the family and their past, including Andy’s time keeping a severed Chucky head in a safe to torture him (no biggie, right? Totally sane behavior from his film days). Then we learn that there’s “one doll” left: The one we all know and love in Hackensack that Tiffany delivered in Episode 1. The other shard of Chucky’s soul is living in Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif), who we saw battling against Chucky’s influence in the previous episode. 

“Murder isn’t the worst thing Chucky can do to you,” Andy says, looking suitably dramatic.

And finally, we return to our young heroes. They’re in biology class watching a video of a wildebeest giving birth when Detective Evans (Rachelle Casseus) storms in and arrests Ms. Fairchild (Annie Briggs) for the recent string of murders around town. Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson) moves to defend her, telling his mom she didn’t do it. But how does he explain that the real killer is a sentient doll?

“I’ve always wanted to be institutionalized,” Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) quips in explanation as to why she didn’t name Chucky as the killer either. Jake (Zackary Arthur) agrees, saying that rather than turning Chucky into the authorities, they have to kill him. Granted, they thought they killed him last week when they smashed him to pieces and threw him in the trash. As we learned in the finale of last week’s episode, though, Chucky had actually transferred his soul into a new Good Guy doll (“Tommy”) before they “killed” the other one. Hard to kill a serial killer when he keeps leap-frogging to a new form every two seconds.

Luckily, our resident true-crime expert Devon has a solution: Andy Barclay. “He was this kid in the ‘80s whose babysitter was murdered. He always says Chucky did it,” Devon explains. If anyone knows how to take down Chucky, it’s him.

Chucky 106 Still PRESS

As for the part of Chucky’s soul living in Nica, he’s currently watching Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) struggle to pack their latest victim into a suitcase to dispose of the body. He tells her the pieces need to be smaller, a suggestion she doesn’t take very kindly to, and chops the dude’s hand off before storming out. Some of the blood from the severed hand, though, splatters over Nica/Chucky’s face, and — just like the previous episode — the blood causes Nica’s consciousness to take center stage. She collapses to the ground, once again paralyzed, and begins to panic.

Cut to 1987, and we’ve got a flashback to young Charles Lee Ray and Tiffany. They’re buying a new car, and are thrilled to learn that the couple who’d previously owned it had been decapitated inside. They slash the throat of the man they’re buying it from, of course, and steal it. We also get to see Chucky reading a voodoo book, setting the stage for his eventual soul transfer into a children’s toy.

Back in present day, Bree (Lexa Doig) has finally told her husband Logan (Devon Sawa) that she’s got a terminal cancer diagnosis. Together, they plan to tell Junior (Teo Briones), but Logan is too emotional and Bree is left to tell him on her own with Jake listening from the other room.

Tiff and Nica/Chucky are reliving the glory days, and Tiffany prompts him to recall the details of their honeymoon at Niagra Falls. For some reason, Nica/Chucky is avoiding the subject, and gives a generic answer when pressed. Over a game of poker, Tiffany reveals that she’s figured out Nica/Chucky’s current game: She’s actually talking to Nica pretending to be Chucky, not actual Chucky. To prove it, Tiffany reveals that she stabbed Nica in the thigh 10 minutes ago, and Nica didn’t feel a thing — Chucky would have “screamed like a banshee.” 

Chucky 106 Still PRESS

Is Tiffany upset about the rouse? Not really. In fact, she tells Nica that she wishes it were Nica she was talking to all the time; she’s developed feelings for Nica over the years. She’s even bought them a house in Hackensack. “The only problem is, how do I keep you in the driver’s seat instead of that rat Chucky,” Tiffany says. The current solution seems to be to hit Nica over the head with a pot… because Tiffany.

Meanwhile, Jake, Devon, and Lexy are at the latter’s house researching for where they might find Andy. Devon finds an article from two weeks ago about a violent patient — meaning Andy — escaping the psychiatric hospital from Cult of Chucky. As we know from Cult, Andy was locked away in Harrogate psychiatric, so as of the events of Chucky, Andy’s only been out for two weeks. Jake then realizes that the mysterious call he got in Episode 1 was from Andy.

Junior arrives and tells Lexy about his mom’s diagnosis; he feels like he’s losing everyone around him, including Lexy. Lexy says she just wants to protect Junior, but it’s not enough and he breaks up with her to protect himself from getting hurt anymore.

Jake and Devon get in contact with Andy, who warns them that if they tell anyone the truth, everyone will think they’re crazy. He also inquires about whether or not Chucky is with a pair of women, as he’s obviously concerned Chucky’s hanging out with Tiffany and Nica/Chucky. Andy promises Chucky will find Jake — he won’t have to find him, as Andy and Kyle, who are now on their way to Hackensack, learned the hard way back in the day. 

Chucky 106 Still PRESS

Next, we learn that the house Tiffany (running around in the in-world Jennifer Tilly’s body) bought is Chucky’s childhood home. The realtor hands over a box, which, of course, contains a new Good Guy doll. Tiff releases a tied-up Nica from her trunk and pops her in the house before going on her way.

Also trapped? Ms. Fairchild, who’s now in an interrogation room at the police station, Detective Evans reading off the list of reasons why Fairchild is their suspected serial killer: She was next in the line for the principal’s job; her fingerprints are all over the crime scene; Oliver was her student; she’s got a juvie record. She might not be the prime suspect for long, though, because Chucky’s already after his next victim.

He’s got Bree Wheeler in his sights, who he pushes out the window (a la Maggie Peterson in the original Child’s Play) to her death at her therapist’s office. Her body crashes directly into her car where Junior is sitting, forcing him to witness his own mother’s murder. Given her diagnosis, Logan assumes it’s suicide, a theory that Bree’s therapist latches onto as well. Junior’s spiral continues, and we see Jake grow suspicious over the circumstances of his aunt’s death. He tells Junior he doesn’t think she killed herself, and Junior pushes him aside, further isolating himself.

On the other end of the “healthy family spectrum,” we see Detective Evans acknowledge she was wrong about Jake and even support her son’s burgeoning relationship with him. While this makes Devon clearly happy, he’s distracted by researching how to set a trap for a killer using scenes from the 1962 horror classic Cape Fear. With a TASER in hand, Devon heads to the Wheeler house with Lexy, and they work with Jake to set a similar trap for Chucky. Lexy takes it upon herself to be the bait, which gives Jake and Devon a moment alone to plan an official date. 

Chucky 106 Still PRESS

Their sweet moment is interrupted by Chucky’s arrival. He sneaks through the house and approaches Lexy, attempting to get her to turn on Jake and kill him. Instead, our three young heroes work together to try and take him down. He manages to slash Jake across the ankle, and in retaliation, Devon gets in a solid hit with his TASER, but it’ll take more than that to keep Chucky down. He cackles and runs down the hall, only to come across Detective Evans, who arrived not long ago. He leaps at her, knocking her down the stairs and killing her with the fall.

As Chucky slowly rips the kids’ parents away from them, we only see them grow more terrified and alone. But they have each other, and if Child’s Play fans know anything, it’s that kids sticking together is the No. 1 way to take down Charles Lee Ray.