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How 'Chucky' hilariously fits Jennifer Tilly's 'Family Guy' gig into the horror canon

Tiffany Valentine could use a bit more of those good old-fashioned values on which we used to rely.

By Josh Weiss
Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany

"Doll on Doll," tonight's episode of Chucky Season 2, paid brief homage to the citizens of Quahog, Rhode Island with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it shoutout to Jennifer Tilly's longtime role as the soft-voiced Bonnie Swanson on Family Guy.

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With Jennifer's actual sister, Meg Tilly (playing herself), still hanging around the Beverly Hills mansion after last week's murder mystery party — a shindig that was more murder than party, we might add — Tiffany Valentine attempts to pass herself off as the genuine article.

It's revealed that Tiffany has been keeping the real Jennifer Tilly (her soul's been trapped within a Tiffany doll since Seed of Chucky) inside a birdcage within a locked room. Fed a meager diet of chocolate, the actress is forced to pay the bills, write checks, answer her own fan mail, and keep up a steady stream of revenue through a combination of "online poker and voicing Bonnie on Family Guy."

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Tiffany is less than sympathetic to Jennifer's plight and forces the actress-turned-living-doll to fill her in on Tilly family history, so she can continue to bamboozle Meg. Jennifer gets in a jab at her captor, however, when she successfully passes off the plot of the Blues Brothers as a cherished memory. Meg uncovers the hostage situation, but pays for this discovery with her life. Jennifer vows to kill Tiffany, who pays no heed to the threat, proceeding to burn the house down before escaping with Glen (Lachlan Watson) and the Tiffany doll.

Tilly has regularly voiced Bonnie — wife of police officer Joe Swanson (Patrick Warburton) — on Family Guy since the fifth episode of the show's first season all the way back in May of 1999. For a decade, the character remained in a perpetual state of pregnancy until finally giving birth to a little girl, Susie, in the seventh episode of the seventh season.

"Bonnie's sort of sarcastic and she's always pregnant, and I figured that'll make her sound crazy," Tilly explained during an interview with New York Live. "She's cranky, like, 'Joe! I told you not to do that!' Of course, they write much better lines for me, but I just wrote for myself. The voiceovers are really fun because you go in, you do the voice, you do five or ten takes, and then you see what they come up with."

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